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  • lavendar

    I sent this letter to our son the other day. We pray he wakes up and realizes this org is a lie. I can't just quietly sit by and watch him be reeled into it. I also realize my letter may have NO effect whatsoever on his decision.......but at least I tried.

    So thankful for this board and the help you've given me.


    Hi M______,

    We walked to the mailbox in the snow; (it was beautiful), and there was your letter. I loved all the graphics, especially the way you made the "M" and "D". We got about 3 inches here. My office is closed today. Nice snow day! Glad you got the cards. S______ said she sent you one, too. Our words came from our hearts, M_______. You said in your letter that you hoped your "decision hadn't caused waves". Well, it has definitely caused waves. S_______ is very upset about it; and when we told R_____, his eyes welled up with tears. Dad is maintaining a "I don't want to talk about it" attitude, which means he's very disappointed and upset about the path you've chosen. M________, we love you very much and it's because of this love that I'm going to share some things with you. If I didn't care, I would remain mute on the subject. But, I just can't do that. You are wanting to join the WTS, and I'm wondering if you truly deep down wish to do this.....or.....is it because of the urging of S_______ over the years. I suspect you would probably lose her if you hadn't agreed to join. But that's just conjecture on my part. You said if we'd "just listen to you, it'll make sense". M_______, it will never make sense, even if we listened to you for a million years. What you are about to enter into is a very controlling cult. And believe me, this isn't something that I've just found out about. Before you were born, a good friend & I studied the cults.....and one was the Watchtower Society. So, you see, I've known about this for a long time. You walk into ANY Christian Bookstore, and you will find books on the WTS in their cult section. You said, "it took 2 years of listening for it to make sense". That's because they have been slowly brainwashing you. I know you're thinking NO WAY, but mind control is a very unsuspecting and cunning thing. You once asked us, "do you think I'd really be stupid enough to get brainwashed?". M________, there are LOTS of intelligent people in cults. The WTS tells you what to read, when to read it, and how to interpret it. It can ONLY be interpreted through THEM. They have set themselves up as the ONLY true channel of God's revelation on earth. This ALONE should send up a RED FLAG, M________. ANY organization...ANY church....ANY religion....ANY person who claims this authority should make you RUN THE OTHER WAY. We are not saved by any organization, religion, or church. Only through Jesus Christ. John 14:6 - Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Once you're are baptized, you aren't allowed to attend any other church. You aren't allowed to study non-JW religious books/articles. You're encouraged to only associate with fellow members. You aren't allowed to read negative information about the WTS. You aren't allowed to talk with ex-Witnesses. You are expected to report on fellow members if they're caught doing something against the Society's rules. You can't celebrate Holidays (not even Thanksgiving!). You're expected to shun disfellowshipped members like the plague. You must adhere to a dress code. You must attend regular meetings each week, go out in field service, and give talks at the congregation. You must fully accept the Watchtower's authority and rules. If a JW disassociates himself from the WTS, he looses his family and friends (they have to shun him). You have to let your child DIE rather than get a blood transfusion. I could go on & on.....but this is making me nauseated enough. Ask yourself: why all these rules? It's simple. It's to keep their members reading, talking and associating ONLY WATCHTOWER SOCIETY! And to keep them SEPARATED from the rest of society. What are they afraid of....perhaps that their members will find out about the deceptions of the organization? You don't see Christain churches requiring these ridiculous rules of their congregations. We have the FREEDOM to READ what we want......SAY what we want.......ASSOCIATE with whom ever we want.... QUESTION what we want......and DO whatever we want according to our own consciences. If you truly love the Lord, you will not WANT to do anything that displeases Him. We don't need a group of men in Brooklyn, NY controling us like puppets and telling us what we can & can't do! The Watchtower Society has had so many false prophesies, and so many doctrinal changes over the years. How can you possibly think this organization is of God??? Just do a Google search of the 1914 generation change; the 607 BC vs. 586 BC Fall of Jerusalem; the Raymond Franz story; false prophesies; United Nations involvement..for starters. ........if you dare, that is. Since the internet, Witnesses have been leaving in droves! The information about the WTS's falsehoods have become very accessible now. Many eyes have been opened to the truth....the REAL TRUTH about the WTS. Who would know better than former Witnesses who have lived it? M________, have we ever given you BAD advice? Have we ever tried to purposely steer you WRONG? Have we ever done anything but try to HELP you make good choices and wise decisions?? I'm not expecting you to answer this letter or send a rebuttal. I just want you to THINK FOR YOURSELF about what you're getting into. I'll be sending you things from time to time to read. Love & Hugs, Mom

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    I know it must have taken a great deal of courage for you to do this. I'm so sorry your heart is breaking like this.

    Hopefully your son M will hear you, I mean, really hear you.

  • fullofdoubtnow


    I really hope he listens, for your sake, and especially his.

  • Virgochik

    That was extremely well written, Lavender! Even if he persists with the JW's for now, it had to hit home that you have only the best of intentions & his best interests at heart. At least, maybe he won't avoid you, knowing this.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    The letter is PERFECT.... great job....truly. You've made him think.... let's see what happens >>>>sending positive vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • lisavegas420

    What a wonderful caring letter. Thank you for reaching out, thank you for sharing ...I hope you get him back.


  • justsomedude

    I really do wish you the best of luck and I hope it gets to him and he listens.

    I dont know how the "cult" thing will go over though. When I was one of those personally selected by Joe Hoopla to be brainwashed, that kind of comment would make me tune right out. You are conditioned to view any challenge to their perceived authority as persecution and it just makes your resolve that much stronger.

  • truthsearcher

    My heart is breaking with you..... can't begin to imagine how you are feeling right now...don't stop praying for your son and showing him unconditional love! Stay on this forum for help and support.


  • RAF

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    What a great letter ! I don't think there is anything more you can do.It has taken me close to 30 years to finally realize that the WTS are a cult and how demanding they are.They start you out with: just do a little Bible study,attend the Public Talk. It looks like they really care about you.Then,once you are baptized,you do everything you are told or else.

    I think you need to give him time.Who knows how long it will take for him to come around? It doesn't matter how weak or strong of a faith he has.He needs to find out himself about the WTS. With the internet,it's easier to get info on them and see how they work.There are more members leaving than before.Their load is too heavy,lies are catching up to them,and most members stay only because of family.

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