Heartbroken mother takes action......

by lavendar 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ex-nj-jw

    Hey Lavender,

    Wonderful letter. I hope he reads and listens, don't get your hopes up too high but even more don't give up. As a mom, just be there to pick up the pieces when they fall and let him know that no matter what he decides you are there for him (unlike the JW's)

    Keep us posted..


  • greendawn

    It's a great letter with a well balanced tone. The point is that the FDS controls the way the dubs think and their overall attitudes in a smart way they always find an abundance of verses in the Bible and after twisting them they make their controlling of the followers appear justified and well meaning as well as imperative. Eg why associate with the world, the Bible says we must not do so. Why believe anything they say they are controlled by satan.

  • free2think

    Lavender I really hope your son responds and wakes up to the borg.

    welcome to the board btw.


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