Ever been questioned by 3 Elders.....

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  • Crumpet

    I'm soooo curious to know what disgusting acts SeanGuy perpetrated?

    I can't imagine the depraved lack of sexual ettiquette someone with his charm and manners could be capable of!

  • mia_b

    welcome to the site exjw!

  • Thinking of Leaving
    Thinking of Leaving

    I was questioned by two already, my first meeting EVER with the elders, for having two worldly relationships.

    Now a judicial committee will be forming and I suppose they will question me some more. I don't intend to answer any

    intimate questions they have. I'm terrified of my meeting with them but they won't intimidate me. What I did is between

    me and God, I know from reading the Bible that sexual immorality is wrong, I don't need to give details on what I did with those men.

    I already feel humiliated as it is with the first meeting. They can go ahead and DF me if they like, I really don't care.

  • averyniceguy

    Welcome to the board, thinking of leaving! Where are you from?

  • Thinking of Leaving
    Thinking of Leaving

    I live in Canada. Still trying to figure this site out. Lots of threads to scan through. Can't seem to keep up. I want to read them all at once lol. Thanks for the welcome

  • justsomedude

    I dont really have anything useful to say here, except to say that in the two separate times I met with elders, they never asked questions that needed that much detail.

    Basically I just replied so I could jump on the I hate seanguy bandwagon.

  • tan

    Perverts...they don't get it from their wives so they fantasize about people like us. I was asked some of those same questions. It's sick really.

  • found-my-way


    if you are a guy, then the reason they didnt ask many questions is because you are a guy. hearing the sordid details from a girl is alot more titilating dont you think? maybe seanguy's elders were more into him? lol

  • dontknow


    I am not a JW and never will be; I will give you advice; go find a woman and let her do whatever she wants to you; you have no idea how pleasurable it is for both of you instead of coming on this forum to get your jollies reading others sexual encounters you repressed "blessed" one.

    Get on your bike and don't forget your pump.

  • Mary

    I was in a meeting with 3 elders from my NJ cong. and the questions they asked:
    1. who undressed who
    2. did he have oral sex with you
    3 did you return oral sex
    4. did you enjoy it, and HOW LONG DID IT LAST
    5. what position(s) were we in

    I wonder if the Virgin Mary was asked these questions when she revealed she was pregnant. You're right though. I think the elders ask all these questions because they're too cheap to pay for phone sex. Assholes.

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