What's the next BIG thing?

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  • nicolaou

    History is punctuated by events that have a permanence, an effect on the direction we move in. The 20th century was marked - among other things - by it's World Wars and moon landings. So far in the 21st century we have 9/11 and, I'd say, an explosive leap forward in biological knowledge.

    So what's the next BIG thing? For good or ill?

    Robotics? Alien contact? Human hybridisation?

  • needproof

    More conflict in the Middle East, a major sickening terrorist attack involving possibly nuclear weapons which would justify a war against Iran. After that North Korea, finally China - when all is said and done the final card will be an attack from space, real or manufactured, to force people to accept a one world government and microchiped population.

  • BrentR

    Hopefully the Borg going down in international scandal and the head honchos doing the "perp walk" on all the major news channels. Seeing them indicted by a grand jury under the RICO statutes and having many multi million dollar lawsuits filed against them would be a good start. Imagine driving by every KH and seeing the doors chained up with a civil asset forfieture notice stapled to them.

    And then I woke up, looked the clock and realized I overslept. But we can still dream, right?

  • lowden

    It may not happen soon but i think that as peoples' distaste with religion in general becomes more pronounced, especially in relation to fundamentalism, that the state may start to restrict its movement and influence.

    I could see outward display of religious belief being outlawed. Do it in your own home but not in our faces. Damn, local councils are banning taxi drivers from having St. George Crosses hanging in their cab windows and other workers are being told not to display their crucifixes around their necks, so restricting religion is on the cards IMO.

    Sounds like something akin to the JW's talking about the banning of religion, except i don't believe it would be totally destroyed. That's nigh on impossible.


  • RAF

    What's the next BIG thing?

    People will realise that we give too much importance to religion (it's on its way) ... some will rely more on politic, tehchnologie, strategy (it won't really help either) ... till we finally most understand that we can only rely on Charity (to be ok with everybody).

    Sorry Nic I couldn't help it !!!

    but that's what I think for real

  • Elsewhere
    What's the next BIG thing?

    Sorry buddy, I only show it to the ladies.

  • hubert
    Alien contact?

    we already got that.

    There's twelve of them at Bethel.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    A nuclear device will be detonated in a populated area, either by a nation or a terrorist group. Who? When? Where? Don't know, but it's coming.


  • DanTheMan

    The Hustle

  • LtCmd.Lore

    I predict that it will become easier for the technology to interact with the human brain. Which will enable us to gain extra limbs, which will be as easy to control as a hand, we will have calculators, clocks, calenders and entire computers implanted in us, connected to our brains so that people will have instant recall and super calculative skills.

    That will happen gradually, the BIG thing happens later after it becomes just as neccesary to everyday life as a car... therefore creating the need to make them mandatory in children. Some sensitive parents will object, saying it's inhuman and demand that they have the right to decide if their children get the implants or not.

    The government will, of course, allow them this right due to the consitution, and the children will grow up raised in special schools for the inferior. And two new races will develop, the purists and the cyborgs. They will both grow to resent each other, the purists will hate the cyborgs because they're evil and feel superior to pure humans. The cyborgs will hate the purists because they are useless to society and are ruining their childrens futures.

    Now the big thing happens a new kind of war will start, on in which very few deaths take place, but still big nonetheless, the purists will attack oil companies and anything that supplies the cyborgs with power, along with the companies that produce the implants. And by using devices that render the implants inoperable. Some cyborgs will try to do the little children a 'favor' by assimilating them without their parents consent, (Also with the intention of making the parents more sympathetic to the cyborgs.)

    The 'war' escalates untill one day when the president goes in to get an upgrade, the technician does something different and puts in a special device that makes her (The president is a woman at this time.) want with all her heart to make everyone a cyborg. Unfortunately she decides that the best way to do this, is to remove the free will of people who undergo this procedure in order to prevent them from undoing it later.

    The war ends with the advent of a new species, the Borg, who's sole purpose is to seek out more people to assimilate, and therefore improve their quality of life.

    Ironically if the purists had not been so paraniod about losing their rights, there would have been no reason for them to lose their very free will. And if the cyborgs had been less eager to intrude on their rights, they could have kept their own.

    That was fun! Interestingly I didn't intend to make a prediction about the birth of the borg, but as I was writing it just sort of happened...


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