What's the next BIG thing?

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  • needproof

    Proplog, the attack will be staged by someone, certainly not some caveman who amazingly has access to a sat. phone. Who stands to gain from terror? Has the Islamic world gained from 9/11?

    It's important to remember that all countries are connected. When you see diplomacy issues between say the U.S. and Russia, it's because they play a game on the outside, but behind closed doors they are all the same. It's like a mafia wargame. They both sit at opposite sides of the table, every now and then they will take a pot shot at each other but whenever someone comes along who threatens their way of life, they will all come together. And this is why you can't seperate Bush and Blair, they both sing from the same hymnsheet, both answer to the same masters that dictate all of this.

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    I don't quite understand your point. Are you saying that it is unlikely for a state to use nuclear weapons on another state and then let terroists take the blame?

    Seems like a perfect way to hurt your enemy without a return address.

  • needproof

    Yes, I agree, there is a chance that a state will do that. I just think that there is more of a chance that a state or society to use weapons and stage attacks on their own people, blaming it on terrorists, to advance their agenda of a one world government (New World Order)

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl
    I wonder if it will become fashionable to wear a mask in protest. I wonder if it will become illegal to wear a mask.

    Right now, in several states, it is a crime for "failure to identify" which technically means that you have to tell the cops your real name, or have proof, or you could be ticketed and fined. If you're wearing a mask, they could just shoot you down and say you presented a threat because they didn't know who you were. Scary..


  • needproof

    Police State. Anti-terrorism laws have destroyed your constitution.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    For the US:

    Several attempted nuclear hits on U.S. cities.

    Invasion of Iran.

    Increase in child abductions for slave-trade out of United States.

    Increasing numbers of illegal immigrants over U.S. borders, with resulting increase in militia movements.

    Crackdown on religions organizations, taking away tax-free status.

    Evolution and implementation of a National Identity card.

    U.S. Declaration of War at the Mexican border.

    Loss of energy in several major US cities, resulting in thousands of deaths in winter and summer months.

    Major health care crises, resulting in thousands of lives lost due to insufficient medical care facilities and inability to afford health care.

    The uniting of Canada, Mexico, and the United States in a treaty that will globalize the continent, and make all of its' citizens one under the treaty.

    The taking, by the US government, of our right to bear arms.

    The right of the US government to seize property, people, etc. to further its interest in pursuing global economical domination under the wing of "war on terror."

    The shift of the middle class. There will be no more middle class. There will be the "haves" and the "have-nots."

    The lower class will be pursuing agrarian living as it cannot afford to pay its taxes, own land free and clear, nor pay the fees to participate globally.


  • needproof

    It really is the age of aquarius

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