Listen to phonecall made to WT regarding "Brother Prince"...

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  • rare treat
    rare treat

    Hello everyone. Here is a video of a phonecall made this morning to the WT regarding "Br. Prince" and his "worldly" performance at the Superbowl yesterday...

  • nicolaou

    Hmmm, it's not starting up for me

  • mrsjones5

    That was interesting. The society can neither confirm or deny that Prince is a jw. Yeah right.

  • minimus

    HA! They know everything else!! But they have no clue as to whether Prince is a Witness. Just like Fearon's a Jehovah's Witness, so is Prince.

  • Clam

    Hehe Raretreat,

    Thanks for that. So they don't know at JW HQ whether Brother Prince is "a brother" or not.

    I don't think it will be that long before Prince is a board member. Look out for that screenie folks!

  • stevenyc

    I liked this part:

    Bro Farren "...because even the young children can't participate in cheerleading or sports, or what-have-ya".

    Service Desk: "Yeah"


  • megsmomma

    So....if I tell my mom I am reinstated....there would be no way to confirm it?? (No, I am not about to do that...but, hmmmm)

  • minimus

    You heard "The Slave's" direction. Send a letter to the branch so they can investigate it.

  • blondie

    You'd be better off checking with Prince's management. I understand he attends a congregation in Minneapolis and another in Toronto. Maybe it's just a matter of checking with the Minneapolis congregations.

  • TopHat

    Notice how the WTS wants every question in writing? This tells me the WT Lawyers are running the show there. The man who answered the phone transfer, ....A Lawyer no doubt!

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