Listen to phonecall made to WT regarding "Brother Prince"...

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    hold on farkel according to one of the cites you listed Mickey spillane is a witness?!? get out of here.

  • Amnesty Vendor
    Amnesty Vendor

    From what I remember of the Service Department, the rather long delay allowed them to check the lists of elders in MASS. Since your name did not show up, they took the safest route.

  • rare treat
  • rare treat
    rare treat

    I thought for sure they would hang up after that long delay..... reviewing their files to see that "Br. Fearon" (my Dad) wasn't in so-called "good standing" within the congregation in Massachusetts....

    I mean, really...if Prince thinks singing "All along the Watchtower" is a wink and a nod to other JWs, how clueless can he be about how the old farts in charge would view this? When I was a JW, to have associated the 2 would have been to sling muck on Jehovah's name. That was evil worldly crap! And now you have JW kids who think Prince is cool, also thinking it's cool to sing worldly songs with the word "Watchtower" in them? And wearing makeup? tisk, tisk...

    Bethel had to have learned with the Michael Jackson mess (back when Thriller came out - we were 'in' then) that having a JW whose fame is *current* is a loose cannon. At first it makes being a JW look cool and might get your foot in the door with more people, but when the star is, for instance, performing things that a good JW isn't even supposed to *listen* to, then studies will figure out it's all BS and quit (along with a bunch of questioning JWs). To keep their 'clean org' fantasy going they have to publicly disown him. It's fine when you were famous 20 years ago and it can be made to look like you've seen the light and changed your evil ways. It's hardly possible when you're a current star or you're trying to get your career going again.

    I feel sorry for the average poor pioneer who's dealing with this right now...trying to get his or her head around why s/he, who is desperately struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, has to look at every job opportunity under a freaking microscope, looking for any possible reason to reject the paycheck they so desperately need...and here we have Brother Prince singing at the Superbowl? Pity the poor part-time cleaning person who turned down the opportunity to clean the stadium after the game, because the money would have been tainted somehow...

    Prince is a musician who is dedicated to his music. He's not going to turn down the opportunity to get his music in the limelight again. His skewed experience as a JW is not going to hold up to the harsh light of day and the scrutiny that will come from both average members and Bethel. He can't hide his basic personality or his love of music...and up til now my guess is he hasn't learned he needed to. The house of cards is going to collapse.....

    HA! I mentioned all of this a long, long time ago....but of course I got shot down. "He has a right to celebrate his religion even if it's somewhat skewed" and all that jazz. You are, of course, right on the money and I totally agree with you...but I remember getting a completely different reaction when I touched on this subject this eons ago. Reason #5,979 why I rarely visit this forum anymore.

    I'm still waiting with bated breath to see how this whole "Prince as a JW" thing pans out in the end. And I still want to know if he wears stilettos and makeup to the Book Study.

  • SixofNine

    Brother Rogers, could we have a word with you in the library after the meeting?

  • Highlander

    I love it!!!

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Re: Micky Spillane (from my mother's scrapbook, 1958 New York Assembly)

  • sandy

    ok, I just called WT and it looks as if they got the okay to confirm that Prince is a Witness.

    It sounded like I was talking to the same WT guy on the video . . .

    He put me on hold for maybe 30 seconds after I asked if Prince is a Witness . . .

    He came back on the line and sais "yes to our knowledge he is"

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