JW's to stop the preaching work??

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  • Kenneson

    If the Society was planning on ending the preaching work, it makes no sense for them to have begun this massive tract campaign that they are engaging in.

  • Gill

    Kenneson - I don't think they'll just stop the preaching work overnight. It will be something that is brought to the attention of JWs gradually. Even as a JW I remember it being 'known' that 'Jehovah' would one day say STOP to the preaching work. Didn't Noah have to go into the ark and wait an unknown amount of time and endure ridicule waiting for the rain??

    They'll manage to think of something to stop wasting their pecious dollars on literature that lines the bird cages of the world.

  • greendawn

    "Why would they have to continue with their 'loss leader', the preaching work, when they can make money in other ways now?" Are they making losses on the literature/CD sales? I thought they still make a handsome profit out of them, unlike the Catholic church they have millions of unpaid salesmen selling their products. But of course it is easy for them to morph into another kind of business and abandon religion altogether if it need be. They already have a fabulous amount of wealth stored up in cash and property all around the world thanks also to unusually large contributions by members.

  • TopHat

    Wasn't Jehovah's eyeball to be touched, before the end came? Meaning the peaching work will go on untill the great tribulation?

  • Dansk

    The day Watchtower goes under is the day its membership will stop preaching. Otherwise, it's carry on as normal.


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