JW's to stop the preaching work??

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  • awol

    My mum went round to my JW sisters the other day and she said she had some exciting news. My mum has fallen away and the rest of us kids don't go (either fallen away or d/f'd). She then asked her husband if she could tell my mum... and they informed her (with huge big grins) that the preaching work is soon to stop. My mum didn't rock the boat and comment much. Her husband is a MS so, if he really shouldn't be going on hear say if it is that.

    So, basically she is teeling us that this is it... as soon as they are given the say so from America to stop the preaching .... then the end will come!! They were very very excited and happy. Shame though, cos ALL the rest of her family are gonna die a very nasty death (according to their preaching) so how she can be so happy is BEYOND me!!! Wow.

    Anyway, anyone else had any news on this?

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Did they mention where they got the information from?
    It sounds like one of those sort of pronouncements CO's make from time to time that's off script. Unless it's written in a magazine or publication it's difficult to pin down if it's 'new light' or not. I know I'll be keeping my ear to the ground on this one though.

    Thanks for the info

  • aniron
    the preaching work is soon to stop

    Is this a JW "soon" as in the "the end" will be here "soon"..1914, 1925, 1942, 1975 etc.

    Imagine the drop in income for WT.

    Sounds like a gossip offshoot from that "Matt 24:14 fulfilled" talk .

    As the Elders in my congregation used to say "If its not in the Watchtower magazine or from a BOE letter from the WT then ignore it."

  • greendawn

    As aniron mentioned this will never happen because preaching is in fact an economic activity that produces a large profit for the WTS, they are a vast publishing company and preaching amounts to selling their products even by an unpaid salesforce (how good and sweet for the FDS) so that they can make their profit. That statement is another trick by the GB to make the dubs believe that the end is near the sort of trick they are playing very frequently in recent times to keep up the sagging motivation.

  • needproof

    Try not to get your hopes up AWOL, it's another Jedi mind trick to get the Witnesses to do another 'big push' towards the end. And it works every time.

  • awol

    After posting I saw another thread re the fullfillment of Matt scripture.

    From the outside in, you can see exactly what is going on here. From the inside you can't. IF I was ALLOWED (ha ha) to talk to my sister, then maybe I could get through to her.... but maybe not.

    What a shame this is though. They are clinging on to these rumours that go around the world in the organisation, and are just waiting for bethel to say "stop preaching now", then they think that they will go through to a perfect world!!! In the meantime and the real world, I don't get to see my nephews and neices grow up and they don't get to see my kids either.......... so when they reach 20 plus they won't know each other, have any memories of growing up together just like me and my cousins! They might grow weary by then, and be full of regrets like my parents are now!!!!

    Makes me soooo angry.

  • greendawn

    And there are people that claim the JWs are just an innocent well meaning religion despite having destroyed the peace and happiness of many families. Obviously the insiders can't see the big picture of their org because they are not outside and at a distance from it. Perhaps they are ignorant of the 120 year long history of false predictions about the end of this world. Many generations of JWs just like the current one have been hoping in vain to see the end.

  • Gill

    Perhaps the WTBTS is going to 'cut and run'.

    We have no idea how enormous their finances are and how large their investments and how much money they make even without contributions.

    Why would they have to continue with their 'loss leader', the preaching work, when they can make money in other ways now?

    It takes money to make money and the WTBTS is NOT short of a 'bob or two' in the bank.

    Look at the cut in the Awake publishing. What 'Books' do they publish now? Do other religions, ie the Catholic Church, have to print masses of literature to make money? Nope!

    Perhaps they are going to follow their roll model, the Catholic Church and keep the slaves they have already and all that lovely money in masses of investments.

  • awol

    Yeah your right. What I don't see is, IF they do say STOP on the preaching front.... how will they justify the END not happening? So, a year or so goes by.... will no one question it? On discussing WHY my friend thinks JW's are the chosen religion... she answered by saying "they are the only ones preaching throughout the world". Not because Jesus chose them. So, wonder how she will be if/when they stop this work. I might write to my sister and her husband asking for them to forward me the printed information they recieved about this. When they can't do so or tell me where it exactly came from, I can go forward from there.... maybe nudging at least her mind to think for itself!!

  • needproof

    It's ever so frustrating trying to convince a JW friend that the WT is false. I tried and tried with a close friend of mine, but his mind was not ready. All you can do is hope that you put enough seeds of doubt into her mind.

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