What do elders talk about behind closed doors?

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  • JH

    Just about every time I went to the Kingdom Hall, I used to see a few elders gather in the 2nd school and close the door and stay there maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, what they were doing seemed so important...

    What the heck do they talk about behind these closed doors?

  • Finally-Free

    One of two things:

    1. Gossiping about congregation members, and planning how to screw up the lives of their flock.
    2. Planning next week's golf game.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Some of the elders in my kh would have probably been planning which pub they were going to meet in that night, and at waht time. Afew of them used to go out to pubs pretty regularly, especially on a Sunday.

  • mia_b

    really? lol

  • JH

    A good trick to play on elders would be to hide a mini tape recorder behind the books in the library and listen to the tape at home or on the way back.

  • juni

    Well JH to answer your question I do know two things for a fact. Per my husband who was in these mtgs. - they talk about how brother "gets a lot of nu***" is sooooooooo fortunate cause the other brothers get it only once/twice a week.

    Also, they discuss who the pretty sisters are in the congregation.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Me experience and observation is that it depends on the elders. There are elders who looooove elders meetings, and just as many who want to put those very same elders in a meat grinder and turn them into alpo.....

    Typically, it is an update on a judicial committee meeting. If the PO gets some letter from the branch or the CO, they might call an elders meeting to read the letter. (The Secretary is suppose to pass it around, but a lot of PO's want to make sure all the elders read the letter.... weridness...)

    In some congregations, there is the occasional, chiwawa like elder who will call meetings for whatever may pop into his head. He is typically hated... lol

  • penny2

    When elders go behind closed doors, it means trouble. They are talking about someone and it's usually NEGATIVE.

    There are many disputes in elder bodies so sometimes they are plotting to get rid of one of their own. But in most cases it's about the rank and file and how they can accumulate enough information to disfellowship someone. Coz you gotta clear out the leaven.

  • blondie

    Some elder bodies have their regularly scheduled meeting before the TMS. Many times when you see just 2 or 3 they are getting their story together before they jump another elder and make him mincemeat. The elders are mean to each other, sometimes more than the rank and file.


  • DannyHaszard
    Re: What do elders talk about behind closed doors? ME

    The kangaroo court flunkys from the kingdom hall of jehovah's witnesses rockland massachusetts STILL are talking about me after 15 years

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