What do elders talk about behind closed doors?

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  • Rooster

    We would talk about which sister had the nicest back side & which one we could get into bed the fastest..

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    In some congregations, there is the occasional, chiwawa like elder who will call meetings for whatever may pop into his head. He is typically hated... lol

    I just laughed out loud at my desk!! We had one elder who was always calling meetings about the dumbest things. Finally, half the body refused to come to meetings that agendas weren't handed out in advance. It only took one boycott for the PO to tell him that he would add his concern to the agenda of the quarterly meeting. As ATJ indicates, most elders hate those meeting (especially the ones that come after the TMS/SM which make for some very pissed off wives!). The main purpose was always some congregation matter that couldn't wait for the quarterly meeting. Letters or the need for JCs were the two most frequent reasons.

    The politics usually were done in private and not at the hall. I was asked to participate in a few sackings because one person didn't like the other. I usually tried to stay out of that crap by distancing myself from personal relationships with the other elders. Or at least, not having one on one time with them because it would always seem to come up.

    Now, sometimes the meetings would go longer because we were just chatting about general stuff, but usually none of us wanted to be there and so there would be a stampede towards the door. Each BOE is different.

  • Amazing

    Elders talk about all kinds of crap ... I know I did. It all depends ... it could be something as mundane as confirming arragements for assembly parts, the CO visit, a Judicial Committee issue, parts on the next meeting, kingdom hall remodel. It could also be personal things, like borrowing money ... or a request for help on some project ... the best I ever had was an invite to watch the Super Bowl after the meeting, to enjoy fine fellowshiop, snacks, and lots of beer and booze.

    Jim Whitney

    PS: We never discussed any sexual issues relative to which "sisters" were hot. In the many different congregations I served in over 25-years, I cannot say that there was anything approaching that kind of discussion.

  • DanTheMan

    What a feeling of status it must impart to be one of the 5 or 6 gathered back there, door closed, discussing all the insider stuff.

    I think they hold them during the TMS/SM because that tends to be the last meeting that a potential convert starts attending regularly, and the long, closed-door elders meetings are a big clue that there's a whole lotta politics and policing in this religion.

  • pratt1

    Usually we were discussing how to get some poor kissass brother to handle a task that none of the other elders wanted to do, like Saturday field service, cleaning of the hall, shoveling snow, visiting the sick or elderly.

    gossip was usually kept to small groups of 2 or 3.

  • willyloman

    Y'all are missing the point. What they talk about is not as important as the appearance that they have something important to talk about! Nothing pulls an elder out of his zombie dub state faster than another elder signaling him that they need to talk now! It's all about position and importance.

    Churches have a room behind the altar from which the religious leaders emerge and start the service. How special do you think a Catholic priest feels when he exits the confessional, having just heard all about someone's sins? Dub elders have the library to serve that purpose. Two guys in the library, talking in hushed tones, while the entire congo buzzes around just beyond the glass windows. Heavvvvv-y!

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