What do elders talk about behind closed doors?

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  • anewme

    Sorry but I am SHOCKED! Are you guys kidding???

    Is this really true????

    Juni, really????

    I am appalled.

  • AllTimeJeff
    Well JH to answer your question I do know two things for a fact. Per my husband who was in these mtgs. - they talk about how brother "gets a lot of nu***" is sooooooooo fortunate cause the other brothers get it only once/twice a week.

    Ummm, no, that isn't what they talk about. If that did happen, it was in that congregation.....

    C'mon ex JW's, people who are serious about leaving look at some of these posts, roll their eyes and get ready for the next meeting. This does nothing for revealing the real problems with JW's when you make stuff up. Might as well say they are talking about all the naughty things you can do with veggies. I mean, you do have to be credible, right?

  • thebiggestlie

    I totally agree. One reason i was hesitent to come to some "apostate" sites was the pure sillyness of some the material. But i know that there is a lot of truth mixed in with a few duds... and i understand how easy it is to get over zaalous and start gossiping and granted some elders meeting proabably go exactly as described.... somewhere at some time....

  • juni

    No anewme. I am not making this up. It is very true. I know it shocked me too when my husband told me this years ago.

    Juni (best to you sweetie and your little cottage sounds very homey!!)

    AllTimeJeff, I'm sorry if you don't want to believe it, but it is the truth. We were in a very conservative congo and it shocked me also. I would never make up a story such as this and post it for all to see to somehow shock or mislead people. This was a fact.


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    They are talking about the love and purity of Jehovah's wonderful organization and seeking ways to let others know the joy and peace they have attained through Holy spirit and intense study! NOT!!!! Closed doors and lack of transparency, says conspiracy, conniving, and back biting. You have to maintain that image of purity somehow, while seeking to destroy others through gossip. Besides how else do you expect them to keep control when they havn't the faintest idea what love is.

  • Virgochik

    "The elders are mean to each other..." boy is that true, Blondie. I remember how upset my dad would be on the way home from the meetings. He would tell mom about the political maneuvering & backstabbing going on. They thought I was asleep in the back seat, but I was listening. He was often the target, because he didn't kiss butt. It was just a given, before the CO's visit to watch your back cuz they were always up to something. And they wonder why I got out as soon as I could support myself?!!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Dear Juni,

    I can see from my last response that I sort of took down what you said pretty hard. I am sorry. I should have said that what happened in your congregation isn't typical of elders meetings in general.....

    I know it is easy to jump to conspiracy theories because of the secrecy, and for sure it happens. But those are exceptions, not rules. If anything, the problems with JW isn't the fact that elders talk about weird stuff (some do, most don't, and a majority of elders these days don't like elders meetings at all) but that when they do get together, their main purpose is to promote the teachings of the GB. It gets serious in there, they aren't talking about breasts, sex, whose wife is prettier, or Ren and Stempy.

    One thing all of us need to remind ourselves is that the GB created a monster when it created the elder body in the 70's. If you recall C o C, the elder arrangement was implemented on a whim. It took over 15 years before the GB could get a handle on all of the weirdness that happened. Elder bodies today add a most important layer between the GB and lawsuits. Because currently, US law doesn't allow prosecution of local church decisions, all the GB needs to say (and frequently do) is "Ta da! It wasn't us, it was the local guys." Of course, they give up a certain amount of control, so many elder bodies (BOE) rule congregations differently. Everyone points to these inconsistencies on boards like this and say that their congregation was different.... THEY ALL ARE! Thats the point.... So it really depends if you have a "conservative" or liberal BOE. It will determine what you can get away with, and what you cant.......

    But please be assured, even if off handed remarks take place before the meetings begin between elders who likely are friends, the purpose of the meetings remains the oversight of their congregations....

  • AllTimeJeff
    He was often the target, because he didn't kiss butt. It was just a given, before the CO's visit to watch your back cuz they were always up to something.

    Actually, this does happen a lot, politicing and back biting... no doubt about that...

  • juni

    Thank you for your response Jeff.

    This conversation did take place behind closed doors before the PO came - reason why I posted it. A lot of what goes on in the Kingdom Hall behind closed doors is not very nice. And at times gets down to pub/bar - like conversation like in this particular case.


  • needproof

    Yes, JH, the snooping device is an excellent idea. I wish that I could wonder in a place one somewhere, but I would be detected in an instant - apostate and all that.

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