I feel bad about being a part of this...

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  • Dismembered

    Greetings sibboleth,

    You've nicknamed him well. "King PO". With a nickname like that, as well as the persona to earn the name, it doesn't surprise me he's the tyrant he is. Show me one "elder" who's not in for the glory and power of of the title, and I'll show 100 that are. I've said it many times. The "elder" arrangement should be disbanded.


  • RAF

    it's ok,

    Don't be ashamed (just don't forget Now you might STAND UP when you feel it) even when you are pressured.

    We all have to go through lots of misteaks before to get the point on specific matters about ourselves (you regret = good). Doing errors at some points actually make us able to forgive others and protect us from being self-rightous (nobody is perfect - it's not a scoop).

    I'm happy you found your way out ...
    Welcome again !!!

    King PO said from the platform that nobody should go to the funeral, and not to send food to the post funeral dinner. Unbelievable!!!

    Wow that's just so .... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • jeeprube

    We had a brother like that in our circuit. About every five years or so he would move to a new congregation to "help" the brothers there become more spiritual. Upon arriving he would force out the current PO and claim his spot as the King of the Congregation. From that point on it was his way or the highway. He left a wake of destruction a mile wide. Elders would just eventually move to another congregation to escape him. No less than half the elder body of my old hall moved to escape him, my Father included. In there place King Mo would appoint younger, less experienced brothers. Men who mirrored his own thirst for power. He was so overbearing that the "friends" who had felt his wrath would say they had been "MOed over", his first name was Mo.

    The power structure of the Watchtower organization is corrupt, and like all other corrupt power structures before it, it exists to serve itself. Those in power promote others to power who mirror there own personalities, and so the problem perpetuates itself. Christ told us that we would recognize his followers by their actions. These people, these supposed "true Christians" do not reflect the life course of Jesus Christ, and therefore they do not represent him.

    They are charlatans. Liars. May God have mercy upon them.

  • owenfieldreams

    Every congregation that I ever associated with, you always had at least one on the elder body that was just like the example given. my dad was actually an able, humble, experienced elder when we moved into a new congregation, and the PO, feeling threatened by a man that got more respect from the cong members than he ever did, immediately began 'knifing him in the back' in talking with other elders, undermining him in every way possible, and was so jealous of the power and hypnotic sway that he had over the cong for so many years now slipping through his fingers--it was truly amazing to see such political pettiness and powergrabbing take place in what they claim is "God's chosen organization."

  • confusa

    Gymbob, that is horrible! How dare that PO make that announcement regarding his own daughter! You mentioned that your nephew stopped going to the meetings, but what about the girl did she stopped too?

  • LeslieV

    Hearing stories like this sure is a flashback to my ex-husband elder days. It was one of the reasons why I left. Such power and control issues...certainly not love and compassion. Glad you saw your way out fo the cult.


  • gymbob


    It all happened about 4-5 years ago and I was in the process of trying to fade away from the borg, so I never found out what happened to the girl. My family refused to talk about it, probably because they didn't agree with the whole thing but didn't want to make trouble.

    My nephew and I now keep in touch, he is in the US Marines, stationed in Iraq. I'm very proud of him. The rest of my family (all witlesses) think we are crazy for leaving the "Truth".

  • Paisley

    Typical stuff really, don't feel too bad sibboleth! When you think about it, wasn't he better off, and wasn't his family much better off, not living the dogged life of an elder anyway?

    I do wonder why the C.O. was not consulted though? I thought C.O.'s were always involved in getting an elder to step aside.

    Side point, it's always interesting to me, as a former sister, to hear about all the egos, ambition, and politicking that the brothers, our masters, were about all the time. Sickening.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My different bodies of elders have mostly been company men
    who wanted to help more men to become elders, some have
    been a bit controlling or power-seekers. I have had plenty of
    CO's who were also company men, but a few who were really
    on their own trip. One CO decided that all kinds of personal
    decisions were "bad" ones, that could bring dishonor to Jah.
    My current CO is all about the meals, limelight, trying to make
    the elders kiss his butt.

    I now look at this as good news. Whenever the princes are
    true jokers, it's sure to cause the r&f to examine them and the
    company they work for. I don't think the r&f got a clue on our
    CO but the BOE did, some of them gotta wonder.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    This board should really consider allowing the use of curse words...cause sometimes those are the only ones that can really get the point accross. The jacked up, yet I know it goes on all over the world.

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