Truth about 666, the beast and the seal of beast

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  • nickols_k

    Peace to you!

    I've published the article:


    This material makes understanding of Revelation more clear and will help to be saved for many many people and will help to avoid terrible plagues for many other people!
    You will not carry any responsibility for this link since this material was signed by me!
    But availability of this material is important for now as never before!
    Be bless!


    At the age of thirteen I was thrown into another world by a fateful accident. Clinically pronounced dead, I returned from the afterlife with knowledge rarely glimpsed by the average person. This experience has defined my life as a person with each foot in a different world. Explaining the afterlife to those who have not had a near death experience requires breaking down the illusions that most people hold of what they call "reality". I hope that my experiences can enlighten others while allowing me to share my insights with my fellow humans.

    I have received the seal of the beast in afterlife world 20-22 years ago. Main information - the first who meets us in afterlife world is the BEAST which is described in Bible, but not God as many think!

    BEAST . This creature has size about 12 meters in height. This creature is able to stay on two legs and has very long tail (so it also 30 meters long including the tail).
    IMAGE OF BEAST is any creature who has seal of beast with spirit of beast inside and without man's status!
    MARK OF BEAST . After sealing up appears imprint! This imprint has name - mark. It looks like black tattoo which is putted on spirit (not on body) therefore can not be cutted out. It contains the head of dog with iron slam on head.
    SEAL OF BEAST . The beast has the seal. It is like iron seal on a long pole. Any host is able to mark by seal of beast.
    666 is number of men who will be marked by beast but will be saved!!! (i.e. common number of saved from all who will be marked by beast).
    FOREHEAD whole forehead bone from brows up to top of head! The seal of beast is fatal when it putted on forehead or on any hand.
    NAME OF THE BEAST . The beast has name, same as any creature who was created by Creator.
    NUMBER OF NAME OF THE BEAST is number of people who will call themselves by name of the beast. I.e. 666 is number of people who will be saved from the lake of fire with seal of beast on any place. But the number of name of the beast is number of people who will call themselves same as the beast.
    HOST is creature (man or angel) who received the seal of beast!!! Host can to mark up anybody by the seal of beast!
    ROD OF IRON is spirit of beast which is inserted into us horizontally.

  • skyking

    Hay just to mention the mark is not 666 but 616, The mark 666 is a mistranslation

    The Mark of the Beast—666 or 616?

  • Asheron

    Welcome nickols_k

    I too have been to the afterlife and want to make glorious announce of the things I see there. High Five! So for the glory of Kazatstan and to make see easier the truths of the afterlife I too have made announce. I hope you like

    BEASTMAN . He was in the last Xman movie. He very much fur.
    IMAGE OF BEASTMAN is any picture of Beastman signed. You may find them on Ebay sometimes.
    MARK OF BEASTMAN . After sealing up appears imprint! This imprint has name - mark. It looks like squigily mark on picture.
    SEAL OF BEASTMAN . The beast has a pet seal. The Beastman trains it with a long pole.
    666 the area code of the Beast's phone. The full number is 666-345-9898. Please dont call after 7.
    FOREHEAD is above your eyebrows.
    NAME OF THE BEASTMAN . The beast has name,Fraiser, same as any creature who was created by Creator.
    HOST will seat you when your table is ready.


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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Welcome nickols!

    Apparently, we can all see what the beast looks like! I just read a bit of nickols "work", and he says

    Extraterrestrial creatures from "Alien" movie are slightly similar to the beast.

    Must rent that movie out later.....

  • nickols_k

    Just want to inform you that 666 is number of beast and number of men simultaneously!
    About Alien! I need to tell you that beast is approx 40 000 years old! So ideas about "alien" may be propmted by fallen angels to movie maker!
    BE bless!

  • Asheron

    Thanks for clearing that up. That was concerning me. Did the Beast have anything to to with that Aliens 3 cause the plot was awful.... You would think that any self respecting Demon would influence a better script.

    Be bless


  • mrsjones5
    ROD OF IRON is spirit of beast which is inserted into us horizontally

    hm that seems vaguely sexual

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Nickols,

    As you can see, you're not being taken too seriously. But it sounds as if you ARE serious. How will you overcome that? Most people that hear what you have to say will -- due to no fault of your own -- think it's all a big joke. After all, it doesn't matter how well you state it, or how influential you are, you can't say stuff like this and not sound like a nut.

    Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, but that doesn't lend any credence to the group. It just makes everyone think he's a nut.

    So, and I'm being sincere and serious here, how will you manage to spread your serious message, while no one takes it seriously?


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