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  • skeeter1

    I've read alot of stories on the sextuplets, and it's great to have the media reporting 'bad' light on the no-blood policy & JWs in general. But, we need to ramp it up. The media is missing the BIG story - the FRACTION LIE.

    What we really need to get the media to focus is that "JWS ACCEPT BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS, only by what they call 'fractions'". Simply focusing on the points, "the religious belief is wrong" or "they are wackos" or "they are a cult" is a side story.

    People can believe whatever, including that one only gets to heaven if they wear pink, fuzzy slippers. As long as the belief is sincere, it does not matter in court. The real story is that they, themselves, do not believe in their own religious belief. They are not sincere. They do not "abstain from blood" nor do they think that "blood, once outside the body, should be covered in dust." Instead, they take blood fractions, made from thousands of units of donated blood. If each individual fraction were added together, they would equal a whole unit of blood.

    JW's are hypocrites to their own belief, and lie to the entire world. THIS IS THE REAL STORY.

    Please, please, please get this point across. It WILL really sway the public and CURRENT JWs against this religion. Instead, every "they are wackos/cult/wrong" just makes the current dubs feel more perrsecuted and more right.


  • mouthy

    I get your message .You evidently think I failed in my answers on the radio. But to tell you the truth I dont understand what the WT is teaching about fractions. & I doubt many other people understand it either .If I am wrong folks then explain it to me because I know I will be called on again.

  • garybuss

    Skeeter bug, They "say" fractions are a "conscience matter", but are they really? Do you have any proof that Witnesses are taking fractions? I don't. I AM seeing them refusing all blood treatment including the use of fractions. I recently heard of one Witness I personally know refuse dialysis.

    If you have proof that Witnesses are taking fractions, please publish the proof so we all can make use of it. Making a claim without backing doesn't help my credibility nor does it help the case.

  • skeeter1


    I think you were wonderful, great, A+++++ on the radio. I absolutely loved you. I was cheering, yeah, yeah, yeah. You helped build public sentiment against the JWs, and you were brilliant in bringing up the "Kids who brought God first" article. It shows how the JWs really want/don ot care if they sacrifice children to Jehovah. It shows thier devotion. I also really liked the Jonestown & Waco references.

    Simplified, making blood fractions follows this recipe. People donate blood at the Red Cross. The Red Cross then sells what it doesn't need or use to drug manufacturers. The drug maker takes this "donated" blood, and freezes or spins or filters the donated blood to get the desired blood product. It's like reverse engineering lemonade, you filter back out the sugan, water and lemon juice. Sometimes, it takes thousands of units of donated blood just to make one dose of a blood product. The JWs are allowed to have the blood product, by personal decision. Square that with we "abstain from blood" and "blood, should be covered in dust and not reused." Doesn't make sense, I agree.

    Plus, If one added up all the individual blood fractions, they would equal a whole unit of blood. So, while you can not have lemonade, you can have lemon juice, water, and sugar.

    In other words, if God says, "Do not eat from the fruit of that tree", then you should not be able to eat products made from the fruit of that tree. The Watchtower Society now allows followers to eat apple pie, apple juice, apple cider, applesauce, etc. all from that sinful tree.

    Not only are the JWs a cult, they are not even sincere in thier own beliefs.

  • skeeter1


    Yes, they are taking blood fractions. I spoke with a current hospital liasion member, he was very proud of getting hemoglobin out to JWs. They are keeping it very quiet.

    I spoke with the makers of Polyheme and Hemopure the week before last. Both companies are very familiar with getting the fraction hemoglobin out to Jehovah's Witnesses. They have set up "compassionate use" programs to get hemoglobin out to the JWs, despite the fact that it is not FDA approved and is still in testing. The company needs the treating doctor's ok, and then the company has to do paperwork with the FDA to dispense. Demand has been so high, that the makers of Polyheme have temporarily halted their compassionate use program. The spokeswoman told me that the company is too small, and must use its limited resources to complete the testing and FDA paperwork...otherwise, the company would never get the drug out! She regretted that they couldn't help current JWs, but wanted to get thier drug approved so as to help all. The JW/compassionate use program must have been really slowing the company down!

    I think that the JWs are not advertising if they take fractions, as it is seen as weak. But, based on my investigations, they are definately taking them.


  • garybuss

    So, I'm supposed to go on record saying I am quoting an anonymous poster called "Skeeter" on an Internet bulletin board who has the proof but isn't willing to disclose it?

  • DannyHaszard

    Deadly Dogma The real deal on why Jehovah's Witnesses refuse blood transfusions.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have a non negotiable doctrine of their belief system to reject blood products.

    The origin of this dogma comes from their founding father Joseph Rutherford in the early 20th century.The consumption (eating) of blood was strictly forbidden under old testament kosher law. NEW YORK WATCHTOWER CULT The Watchtower leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses saw fit to extend this prohibition over to their belief system.

    They thought that the "end of the world" was coming back then (ca.1940) so there would never be much causality.

    It is well into the 21st century,with the "end of the world" on hold,the Watchtower leaders have blood on their hands,with the deaths of innocent minor children. deadkids.gif
    Many children have died since rejecting life saving blood transfusions.Why do they maintain adherence to this archaic creed at all cost? Answer:The man-made Watchtower cult is run by lawyers who know they would be sued out of existence for wrongful death suits,if they dared to outright repeal the bogus no blood ruling now. UPDATE:The absurdity of the Watchtower rulings now allow any of the COMPONENTS of blood to be transfused, but not whole blood, and yet people are dying and lives and families are being ruined over a few old men who are always changing their minds on this matter.

    Some educational links provided below:

    http://www.ajwrb.org/ Jehovah Witness blood policy reform sitehttp://www.towertotruth.net/Articles/blood_transfusions.htm Will you die for a lie?

    ( Jehovah's Witnesses do use many products that are derived from blood banks (so called blood 'fractions') but they themselves won't donate a drop)

    Danny Haszard-lifelong 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness

  • skeeter1


    I understand your hesistation. We really don't know each other. I think you should find out for yourself, and call the drug manufacturers on Monday.

    Biopure (makers of Hemopure) - this company is currently giving out Hemopure on a compassionate use and a case-by-case basis. It's made from cow's blood. Speak with Melissa 617-234-6534.

    The makers of Polyheme are not giving it out on a compassionate use basis at this time. They are working on their "BLA" for FDA approval. They are a small company, and had to limit their resources to getting through testing and FDA approval. The compassionate use program put too much of a strain on the company. You can speak with Susan in the compassionate use area at 847-864-3500.

    I understand your need to verify. Please be respectful of Susan & Melissa's time. I'm sure they will not mind answering questions, but I do not want to wear out my welcome.


  • TowerWatch

    Hey Grace I missed your radio interview does anyone have a recording I could listen to.

    I don't want to take attention from mouthy but here is a radio interview I did on CHQR 770 AM Radio in Calgary on 1/27.


    If that does not work try this:


    Let me know how I could do it better in case there is a next time.


  • skeeter1

    This is from www.ajwrb.org . It may help

    Watchtower policy permits the transfusion of cow's blood?

    True or False - see answer

    Watchtower Society approves Hemopure for Jehovah's Witnesses

    In a truly remarkable development, the Watchtower Society has ruled that a new oxygen carrying solution made from cow's blood can be used by (JWs) Jehovah's Witnesses. This despite the Watchtower Society's purported biblical ban on the storage/use of animal blood. Nonetheless, members may not pre deposit their own blood or even use certain tiny human blood products like platelets that are frequently required during chemotherapy.

    Internal Opposition to WTS Policy Mounts

    Some Jehovah's Witnesses believe that a blood transfusion is a liquid tissue or organ transplant, not a meal, and hence does not violate the biblical admonition to "abstain from [eating] blood." The Watchtower Society attempts to deny these members, many of them born to JW parents, a free choice in their medical care by means of controls and sanctions - namely enforced shunning by JW family members and friends. They have been persecuted for their conscientious beliefs by their own religious organization which presents itself as a champion of human rights.
    AJWRB members in the United States, Netherlands, and United Kingdom have been disfellowshipped for questioning the Watchtower's irrational blood policy.

    Watchtower policy permits the use of some but not all of these blood components. True or False - see answer Percentage of total weight of blood

    At one time Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) prohibited the use of every blood component shown here. The Watchtower has gradually permitted each component to be used, first globulin, then the clotting factors, plasma proteins and finally hemoglobin in June of 2000. The Watchtower still insists that JWs “abstain from blood”. Since permitted blood
    components total 100% many have asked, "What is actually forbidden?". Permitted blood components are processed from donated, stored blood. JWs benefit from the blood components donated by others but they are forbidden from donating to the blood supply. Is such a policy ethical and in accordance with well established Christian principles?

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