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  • Toronto_Guy

    Thanks for the feedback...

    The website is www.nationalpost.com (takes you to another link) - and then click letters on the left side - however, Blondie is right, unfortunately you need a username and password to get in.


  • lovelylil


    Welcome to the board! Your comments were excellent and right on. I'm so glad the Post printed it for all to read. Now when the Witnesses go door to door in Canada, the householders will have something to talke to them about. Lilly

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Great letter Toronto_Guy, very well reasoned out. This point well illustrates what the watchtower blood policy can cost children who have never had the opportunity to either accept or reject it

    What bothers me is that fact that, had I faced a life threatening medical condition as a baby that required a blood transfusion, my parents would have fought to ensure that I die

    The jws are attracting some bad publicity over the blood issue, it seems. With inhuman rules like that one, they deserve all they get.

  • kwintestal

    Awesome letter TG!


  • fifi40

    I take my life in my hands posting about this but here goes.............

    When I was 24, and a baptised and fairly devout JW, I had life threatening complications during my first pregnancy. This led to my consultants deciding that I needed to have a Caesarean section at about 28 weeks into the pregnancy, thus my baby would be born prematurely. For the first 24 hours after my son James was delivered I was on an intensive care unit, dosed out of my mind on morphine and James, who had not cried on delivery was in the neo-natal unit. Several hours after his birth they came to me (bearing in mind I am quite drugged up) and told me that they needed to move him 50 miles away to another hospital, because this other hospital had better resources to care for him and they asked me about the blood situation. I have to say I couldnt cope, my heart was broken (I am crying now writing this). Even though in England I knew he would be made a 'ward of court', which means basically that they took mine and my then husbands right away to make decisions for him regarding blood transfusions, I didnt want to commit to saying give him blood. My heart was crying give him whatever it takes, my mind was saying something else. The PO from our congregation came in to advise on this matter, but fortunately as stated previously the decision was taken from us. And in my heart I was grateful, beyond belief.

    The outcome was that he was given whatever was felt necessary; I was moved to be with him the following day but tragically he died in my arms two days after he was born. I know this is a very sad and disturbing story and perhaps one I should have kept to myself but in light of the thread I thought I would share it with you. There is a part of me that feels shame at even considering saying no to his receiving blood.


  • moshe

    Great letter T-G! I can just see all the JW's in Canada hunkering down in their Kingdom Halls until this bad, mean-spirited PR goes away.ha-people won't forget about this anytime soon!

    They feel persecuted right now, but refuse to admit that all these worldly people are right about the stupid and dangerous WT blood policies. Cult is not too strong a word for them, either

  • inbyathread

    ((fifi40)) It saddens me to read such events but they do need to be told. Do not feel any shame in what you did then. You did what you thought was best in your son's interest. No matter your decision at the time, the outcome was the same. By telling your story, James becomes a part of the tragic history that the WTS would like to erase. We will never let them forget. And James will never be forgotten.

    Courage - Strength

  • jeeprube

    Very well written!

  • Gayle

    To fifi40,

    Thank you so much for your courage in sharing your experience. I, too, feel shame yet that I was in such a religious organization with this belief system on blood,,I shutter of what I myself would have done (or not done) back then for my own babies if it had presented itself. That's why I have no doubt about the extent of the extremely dangerous mind-control I was under then. Most of us must have this same shame but many of us see the need to expose the facts where ever possible. My spirit will not rest till the Watchtower Society drops this deadly, worthless doctrine of theirs!!

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    BEAUTIFUL Letter!!!

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