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  • Junction-Guy

    Fifi, Im so sorry for your loss, please dont feel ashamed. this board is full of people who were in the same circumstances you were in. And yes the WT Society would love for you to keep quiet about this. Remember this, if nobody speaks up, then children die needlessly.------Dave

  • JWdaughter

    Fifi, I am so sorry for what you went through and the loss of your son. Your heart was in the right place, you just had a JW trained brain-and fortunately have been able to overcome that. It is heartbreaking. When my son was born, transfusion was an potential issue (my mom is JW and wanted my assurance that I wouldn't consent-actually told me that it might be best for 'everyone' if he died anyway-since his father had abandoned me and I had some financial difficulties at the time). While I never considered giving in to her, I still find myself re-assuring her that I have no received a transfusion for my own medical conditions (anemia that is kind of dangerous at times). If I do ever need to accept one, I don't know how she would react, but I WOULD accept one for anyone in my family if they needed it. I would not hesitate. I am blessed that I am NOT a JW and have totally rejected that teaching, but I can imagine how difficult it would have been had I been in your situation. Thank God you live in a country that takes that decision away. In Canada it seems they do also. I wish they did in our country. Damn religious freedom!!! (I say that with mixed feelings, but in this case, I think it went to far)

  • Junction-Guy

    JW daughter, those are exactly my sentiments too. An Atheist on here who doesnt even believe in God, still backs the parents right to refuse blood, even if the child were to die. That is why I told him that all religion be damned if the governement doesnt have the right to step in to save a life.

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