When is it 'going too far'?

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  • greendawn

    The JWs are an organisation that have a very conservative approach to all sexual matters so it's a case of sex only in marriage. In my view if two people are really committed to each other then they can have sex, marriage is just a piece of paper a formality that may not agree with the circumstances of the times when marriage may need to be postponed for many years for economic reasons eg studies, job etc In the past people just built houses with mudbricks and worked the fields to produce food, getting married was easy.

  • DJK

    Where did you say your chaperone was? This is the policy for JWs, you should have one at any time the two of you are together.

  • Liza

    I'm not going to bet my salvation on it now, but there are some who say that Greek word for "fornication" really means "having sex with a prostitute" or "sex without love" or something like that, not "unclean acts" like the WTS says. And in biblical times, just about everyone was bethrothed, so in a sense everybody was married, hence why the Bible explicitly condems adultery rather than fornication. I dunno, I should research this more, and you are welcome to do so yourself, but if you are convinced of this, the WTS will not let you be.

    But greendawn gave an excellent point, I've always wondered about that too. Dosen't the WTS condemn the government, yet say that the approval of two people having sex should be by the government.

  • BR25


    You became a jehovahs witness and you came to this site for advice. Just because this is a jw discussion site you are not going to find anyone saying anything positive about witnesses on here.

    I am a jw backer and it is one against a million. It is not wrong to wait, but dont be hard on yourself you are new, but if you want the advice from most of the people on here then just tap as much a++ as you want. It dont matter cause anything a jw does is wrong. Heck might as well through another girl in the mix. Then come back on here tell everyone about and they will back you with much greatness.

  • funkyderek

    Just the tip is OK!

    Seriously though, it's normal for people your age to be having lots and lots of sex. Forget the Watchtower cult and its silly rules, make sure all parties involved are comfortable with it, cover up and have fun!

  • Fred E Hathaway
    Fred E Hathaway

    Whatever is going on in your life, it's best not to talk about it with strangers like us on the Internet. Talk it over with those whom you trust that are your parents' age (I assume that your parents do not agree with your beliefs about the Bible). Since you identify yourself with Jehovah's WItnesses (I assume that you're not baptized with them), arrange your schedule so that you can read the magazines they publish, study the Bible with them using the What Does the Bible Really Teach? book. Ask them the questions that are important to your life, so that you can see the answers you need from the Bible. If you're bothered about crossing lines, it's better to be on the cautious side, and learn from counsel rather than experience. If you wonder about what advice you're reading, print it off and show it to those you're studying the Bible with. Get to know the elders and others in your Congregation. The more you get to know them, the better and sooner they can help you. That the big lesson from my years of experience with what is uncomfortable and wrong.

    Remember, despite the claims to the contrary, real Christian Witnesses of Jehovah use the Bible as the basis of everything they do. We can't abandon the meetings where truth is taught to learn truth better. That would be nonsense. Stick to what you know is right. Faith is proved by our actions. Jehovah can see all our actions, even if we try to keep them private. Things have bothered you enough that you've opened up some weaknesses to us here. You'd be better to open up to those that are getting to know you in the congregation, so that you can benefit from their personal insights, training, wisdom, and practical understanding.

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