Sexual Predators/Opportunists on JWD

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  • SixofNine

    "never give out personal information.. name, address, childrens names, school names, financial information ...(add more, those are just the ones i can think of off the top of my head)"

    But, but.. how will I get the extra special prize from Little Toe if I don't give him that info? He has to send it to me, on a day that I'm by myself (it's secret special).

  • zev

    say it ain't so.

  • Odrade

    As long as we are differentiating between the two. And opportunist is NOT in the same league as a sexual predator. I think there are MANY opportunists on here, and why not? If a poster is making him/herself available, why shouldn't someone take the opportunity?

    A sexual predator is entirely different, and I believe it is possible we have had a couple on here. In a community this size, it's unlikely that there are no predators, criminals, felons, rapists, molestors, etc.

  • stevenyc

    Does anyone think that if a predator was exposed here, the mod's would require TWO witnesses before they removed the account?

    Sexual predators are going to involve themselves in easy access community's. Especially community's of trust, and communities of need. This is why they enjoy religious groups. It's what the group, as a whole, does to protect itself that counts. Read that sentence again, it's important. It's going to be the reason why the watchtower is going to loose many publishers.

    Here, at JWD, anytime someone posts a question such as the one in the thread, you'll see good advice and recommendation. Such as: don't post personal information; if you are going to meet people, do it at an apostafest; if your not sure about a poster, ask other posters what they feel about this other person - have they met them?

    Our internet persona become your imaginary. Predator's exploit this.

    One thing that keeps me at this forum is the majority of posters are honest, safe, and above all, very protective.

    steve - always be safe.

  • jaguarbass

    Do you think there are any?

    How would you "know" them if they were predators?

    If you were suspicious, what would you do to protect yourself?

    Your 54 years old what are you trying to protect yourself from?

    I would think if your over 21 you don't have too much of an argument about being predatored upon. I thought sexual predators preyed on juveniles once you become an adult you could rape or get raped. Or you could get into an abusive relationship. You pay your money and take your chances. You can go thru life being paranoid about what your next human encounter may bring. If you do, I think you have some issues that may need some professional help. Then again in every relationship you enter quid quo pro enters into play. Something for something you want something and the other party wants something. So it's wise to try to discern the lay of the land. When I deal with people I always have a purpose I want something if I dont get what I want I move on. If your modis operandi doesnt fit that profile you may have problems. If you don't know what you want at 54 years of age someone might be here or there to take advantage of you. The sexual predators I know of deal with juveniles. I don't see this place being prime hunting grounds for juveniles. 54 year old senior citizens yes, juveniles try my space or some other forums.

    Opportunist, now yes they could be here. If someone sends you a personal mail thats your first red flag. What is that personal mail about? Did you know brother so and so. The red flag lowers. But if the personal mail offers you business opportunities, wants financial information, tries to get into your business in any way the red flag goes up and to protect yourself don't respond, dissengage. So if you really want to protect yourself don't respond to personal mails here. If you cant discern a red flag. If you just read the post and respond to the post and dont give your name, address, and phone number you should be ok.

  • Virgochik

    Well, I've occasionally asked if an individual knew Brother So&So (naming a relative I'm curious about) and I'm not up to anything! Just up to 5'3" 128 lbs, blond & ditzy & curious about family members still in! I sure hope I didn't set off red flags for anyone, if so, I apologize!

  • blondie

    Sexual predators/opportunists prey on more than children. There have been men/women who have tried to take advantage of people on JWD, sending inappropriate PMs sounding out the whether you are the too-trusting sort.

    If that does happen, let a moderator or admin know; trust your instincts.


  • misanthropic

    ::Do you think there are any?

    It's possible

    ::How would you "know" them if they were predators?

    I doubt I would know unless they told me.

    ::If you were suspicious, what would you do to protect yourself?

    I wouldn't give out any personal information to someone I got that "vibe" from.

  • MinisterAmos

    Does this mean I can't tell Brooke that she looks hot?

  • thecarpenter

    Misanthropic is pretty hot as well

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