Sexual Predators/Opportunists on JWD

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  • Gregor

    I have had to be very cautious. There have been several attempts by attractive young females who frequent this site to lure me into some kind of kinky rendezvous. I don't know if it is because of my deliciously thirst quenching avatar or my suave, mature age. I feel like a piece of raw meat in a lions cage.

  • seawolf

    You, too, Gregor? sheesh it appears nothing will stop them!

  • JWdaughter

    :) Gregor, you hottie, you!

    I am not overly suspicious or probably even enough suspicious. I figure if I can live next to two major military installations without an obnoxious amount of stalkers, then I am unlikely to attract any from other places.

  • JWdaughter

    I hope my open admiration for red hair isn't sending the wrong message to certain red haired men. My only crush here is IP_Sec, and it is totally innocent (sigh).

  • dh

    I doubt there are any dangerous sex predators on here, (people who will actually act on their sick thoughts). I think being confined to text does sort of put a safety barrier up, and those people who do not post what they look like or any personal info are theoretically safer, but since folks on JWD are from so far apart it would be a really driven predator who would travel thousands of miles just to rape or kill someone, don't you think?

  • RichieRich

    Well, don't worry about me and Crumpet- I CONSENT!

    I think there's weirdos out there- but no one is here to find people to rape or really take advantage of- this forum is too global to really get close to anyone. People who need to use the internet to find victims are more attracted to local sites, like myspace.

  • nicolaou
    trust your instincts.


    Good advice.

    Richie, good to see you again!

  • Gadget
    I would think if your over 21 you don't have too much of an argument about being predatored upon.... ....You pay your money and take your chances.

    I can see your point that people have to take personal responsibility for their actions, and can't put all the blame onto somebody else

    If someone sends you a personal mail thats your first red flag. What is that personal mail about? Did you know brother so and so. The red flag lowers. But if the personal mail offers you business opportunities, wants financial information, tries to get into your business in any way the red flag goes up and to protect yourself don't respond, dissengage.

    Its good to have a plan to check things out before you commit to them, but they can sometimes work against you. In the watchtower we were taught how to lovebomb to lower peoples defences, how to avoid talking about the negatives, use double binds/bait and switch to get people to follow their logic, etc.

    If something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it your fault if it turns out to be something pretending to be a duck instead of a real duck?

    Your 54 years old what are you trying to protect yourself from?

    A KGB officer had a simple philosophy that went on to become the basis for a lot of security policy, in the UK at least. When you think something is impossible to happen and stop watching for it, thats the most likely time it will happen.

    In a community this size, it's unlikely that there are no predators, criminals, felons, rapists, molestors, etc.

    Even if 99.99% of people on here are genuine, that would still leave a handfull of dodgy people that could cause mayhem. The trick would be to keep your guard up against someone like this, and still managing to enjoy the association and support of the genuine people on here.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Hi Ona,

    'member me? little witch?

    Miss you dear... sorry to be off topic, just saw your post and wanted to say hi

    Hope all is good, miss our discussions

    Lil witch

  • minimus

    If there are or were sexual predators at JWD, did the site owner see to it that everyone was protected? Did he alert us so as to know who we should be concerned about?? I would hope so. .......I do recall a fellow who posed as an elder and kept 2 identities (Jemimah and someone else) and I heard he was alluring some poor souls. I think he's no longer here. (Thankfully).

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