My reinstatment letter

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  • moshe

    You can get back in- sort of, but I doubt that those friends of yours will ever be close to you again. Be your own person and live your own life free from those tyrants in the KH. You can do it.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Bless you my friend...................What ever you do it will be perfect!

    Keith Casarona

  • JT

    Living a life that is a 'lie' and is not your own is not freedom


    come on you all --it ain't that bad what the guy is doing- we should be jumping for joy that the guy is going to pimp slap the wt with their own rules

    anyone who has been a jw for more than 2 days has been living a LIe anyway

    how many of your - like myself walked around for 10-20-30+ yrs actually thinking that our dumbass was going to play with some "lions" - now that is living a lie dude-

    this guy has a plan to strike back at the wt with their own rule and why for his own selfish reasons- for once in his life he gets to do something for SELF and not WT

    since he doesn't plan on staying anyway, let the guy have some fun- i know former jw who have had bible studies with a jw as an interested person, just for kicks and grins

    lighten up folks damn we were in a cult, let the guy enjoy life for a spell

  • thetrueone

    Send them this...........No thank you, do to my honesty and personal intregrity I rather not serve and support a obviously corrupt and hypocritical corporation as the WTS.

    I've born witness to the personal damage it causes individuals and testified to the false prophesying business for what it is structured on. Now that I'm free of it's

    manipulative slavery I can say with certainey I will never again be a slave to such blatant corruption. I've cast down the disgusting thing, so now my mind is clear,

    my soul is full of purity and honesty, ......... my heart is happy again !

    The truth has set me free.......won't you please give the truth a chance it might help you too ?

    Best regards...... agape love ,

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Dear No Name Given,

    I have heard many times that when you meet with elders to discuss reinstatement that you must cry, they won't believe you if you don't cry. But not too much, you don't want them to think that you're crazy or 'on an emotional kick' to get re-in.

    Best of luck to you,


  • nonamegiven

    You folks bring up many good points, thank you very much that's exactly why I posted it.

    My greatest fear (maybe not fear but that's the only word I could think of) is that after fading I will end up in the same boat, shunned because I'm innactive. I know how my wife will treat me if I never come back and that's fine. There is really only one friend that I want back. When I went to my first ASSembly he actually talked to me a little and treated my like a human being. Maybe I'll have a little talk with him. Try to find out how he'll view me if I were DF'd for ever or how he'd view me if I were innactive. Man, I just don't know what to do.

  • greendawn

    That's a pretty good letter given that you don't believe a word of it as being true and that you are pretending the whole issue. The WTS got you in a corner by holding your family captive and leaving you with no choice but to put up an act. I hope you succeeed.

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