Do you think Saddam really believed in God?

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  • Confession

    Apparently he repeated the phrase, "God is Great," before being executed. He also wrote this in his final words to the United States.

    Could a man such as he really believe in God? What do you think?

  • heathen

    Why not ? Evil people often believe in a God . It doesn't even evade the christian faith . Look at GW Bush et al , not hard to see evil is prevalent in all faiths . I often sit in awe of all these people that claim some sort of faith and will kill anybody that gets in their way but will often hide for months or years in a bunker no bigger than a coffin to evade death .

  • free2beme

    Hitler was a Christian. Just because someone is evil in your mind, and the worlds, does not mean he does not have faith. Faith in God, throughout history, has cause lots of blood to spill in his name.

  • SixofNine

    I know why you question it, Confession. But I guess if I was betting, I'd have to bet that he really did. Everyone makes exceptions for themselves, if you think about. Hell, everyone of us made at least some kind of exception for ourselves wrt JW doctrine, when we were witnesses (mine was R rated movies and gassing people).

    The other thing to consider is that he ruled in a very secular fashion, and only began talking about Islam and God once he was deposed. Perhaps he believed in god but not the religion? Perhaps he got introspective while living in a hole in the ground? Perhaps in the power phase of his life, he didn't care to think about it much? Or perhaps even now, at his death, he is only using "god talk" to try to communicate politically?

  • Clam
    Or perhaps even now, at his death, he is only using "god talk" to try to communicate politically?

    Yes this is how I see it. A middle eastern despot can't afford to be an atheist, "an unbeliever".

    "God is great and Mohammed is his prophet."

    "Cheers Sadam, you can tell him that yourself in a minute"

  • Narkissos

    To me, equally (if not more) important as (than) the difference between belief and unbelief in God per se, is the difference between belief in God as (supposedly) known vs. unknown.

    God as known is both a motive and a tool for action. It can tremendously help a political career. The most sincere or the best played (and the border is pretty unclear there imo) the better.

    God as unknown calls for pause, self-questioning, doubt and restraint. It probably has little room in a politician's mind as long as he is riding on power and success. But as things get tough it may creep in -- often too late to significantly alter the course of events, but that's part of the game.

    And there is room for both in any mind as there is in the word "God," until death mercifully covers the endless chatter of conscience.

  • MinisterAmos

    Replace "Saddam" with "Abraham Lincoln" and you'll see that one was about as bad as the other.

    We have demonized all things brown

  • Confession

    Amos, you're a nut.

  • minimus

    Everybody believes in God right before they die-----just to be on the safe side.

  • avidbiblereader

    There is an old saying

    You will never find an atheist in a foxhole or prison

    A quote from my friend in prison

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