Do you think Saddam really believed in God?

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  • DanTheMan

    I think that Saddam believed in God the same way most religious believers do. That is, it was a vague, comforting word to him, and if you had really pressed him to tell you exactly what he meant or just exactly what it was he was describing when he used the word, he wouldn't have been able to really give you anything very definite, and he'd probably have gotten mad that you had the gall to ask such a ridiculous question. You know, the old "omg, you're actually questioning the existence of this abstract concept that we all treat as if it's an objective reality??? How dare you!!" attitude.

  • MinisterAmos
    You are almost saying that Lincoln caused the US Civil War.

    Leaders tend to react with violence against threats to their responsibilities, real and imagined. I'd love to post a tome defending why the US of the 1800's did NOT have the right to Manifest Destiny (at the expense of everyone else), but it would be like masturbation; feels good but serves no purpose. Was Lincoln a bad man? He damn sure could have changed importation and tariff laws that impacted the South and were a major factor in the split. As far as slavery goes, only about 1-2% of the Southern population actually owned slaves so barring skilled politicians fomenting divisions, the vast majority had "no dog in that fight".

    I will maintain that the US has more innocent blood on its hands than ten Saddams (see: Indian population). Come to think of it, they FARKING US SET SADDAM UP originally. He was a useful ally against the evil brown people of Iran. Have we forgotton that the search was not for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" but for "Weapons of Mass Destruction not manufactured in and supplied to Saddam by the US for use against brown people"?

    I'm willing to bet (not that there is any truthful count) that the US killed more Iraqi civilians "freeing" them than Saddam did in all his years in power. And I count the ones killed by the insurgency as US caused deaths because...well, duh, they would still be alive if the invasion had not happened.

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid! It's good for you!

  • troucul

    He believed in A god. That is all.

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