My suicide attempt yesterday...

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  • Gregor

    Loosie, I will keep pop rocks and coke in mind the next time I am pushed over my limit. Thanks for the tip.

  • LoverOfTruth

    Not funny. I almost freaked when I saw the title. Glad you're alive to joke about it though.

  • JWdaughter

    You had me going there for a minute, you nut! Glad to know all is well. You shouldn't scare us like that-and you know why. I'm all for the pop rocks and coke way. . .might as well go out with a bang! Or at least a pop.

  • HappyDad

    Gregor.............. Your topic is misleading and the content of your post is not funny at all. Please THINK before you make another post..trying to be funny..... at the expense of someone who has meant a lot to some of us and who has died and for those who have survived suicide attempts because of the lack of love and understanding that your post seems to reflect. I know you meant well.........but........"Please Please Please"..........there are some of us who have survived ......only because of lyrics such as the ones James Brown put on his recordings. "I Feel Good" HappyDad

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    ok first.....

    you scared me, not funny

    second, lol

    third, ya'll need to watch mythbusters a little bit. They busted the coke and pop rocks myth.

    Sorry to burst your bubble

  • Gregor

    Yes, I appreciate that suicide is a serious subject, especially on a site like this one. My only defense is that I feel a lot of despondent people simply need a change of perspective. Not that that is easy. But it really is the solution for many. Life is BIG, the world a living person is in is BIG, our individual worries and depression usually exist in a very narrow spectrum. I think it is important to TRY to stand back and get some perspective. How many of us can look back on times we had thoughts of suicide and now are enjoying life.

    PS. I think getting joy out of life on some level is our responsibility if we are taking up oxygen.

  • 5go
    No No silly don't you know the way to go is "POP rocks " and "Coke

    Mentos and diet coke works faster.


  • bigmouth

    Don't worry Gregor. I did get a fright at first.

    Some of the funniest times I have had is while being in the hospital on suicide watch. I have given myself and others the right to laugh with me. Suicide and thoughts of suicide don't shock me anymore.

    I laughed mate!


  • free2beme

    That is so true and often ignored and not mentioned when they try to act like this man was so great. Great post!

  • Alpheta

    NOT funny. Would you like us to laugh if you choke on an M & M? As for the decline in the battered women's shelters, number one, it's due to funding cuts and number two, it's because more women are being outright killed by male predators now than a few years ago. So, happy new year, you a-hole!

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