Help me with my Last Will and Testament

by Fatfreek 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • rebel8

    I like your idea.

  • uwishufish

    I would leave it in a trust type account with stipulations that to recieve their yearly pmt they visit on a yearly basis your grave site and read aloud and sign in front of witnesses a statement to the afore mentioned.

  • 2112

    It is your will put in ant stipulations you would like.

    You could have a few questions that thay must answer to your wills administrator before they can recieve their share. You can make it so that they would have to read the COC book for the answers. Your administrator would need the correct answers so he knows that they really read the book or not. Make sure that they each have differant questions so they all would have to read it. You may need to give them a time limit and if they don't comply say that all their share will be donated to the Catholic church in their name.

    Just a suggestion.

    I hope they don't need to see it for a long time. LOL

  • anewme

    In my father's will he left me money in a trust with my non JW brother as trustee.
    He then stipulated that if any money was ever found to go to the Watchtower Society that my trust be null and void and all remaining monies go to my brother and his kids.

    My brother of course received his money in full to do as he wished.

    My father hated the Watchtower Society.

  • core

    Here in the UK such stipulations would not be accepted in Court as the view would be that they are unreasonable and would be ovetrturned with the cash amounts to be distributed regardless of this condition/requirement- pity as its such a good idea to copy

  • avidbiblereader

    I have made it contingent that my children recieve it in increments at certain ages so they understand the value of the dollar even though they are all adults. Perhaps you could make yours in increments upon a different criteria.


  • Fatfreek

    Thanks for all your suggestions. Based on what I've read here, I've softened my position.

    " This bequeathment shall be postponed for a period of no longer than 60 days from the date of my death. This period of time should allow you adequate time to examine the following essay in the form of a letter to the Society that never made it to Brooklyn. To read it will take some ten minutes of your time.

    (FWIW, this document will be mail on CD to each of the potential recipients in my will)

    " At the end of this 60 day period or before, each of you, if you desire the bequeathment as directed, must submit to the executrix a written statement testifying that you have read the essay. "

    Yes, they really don't have to read the essay. They can say they did, pass GO and collect $200. Besides that, just reading it may not amount to a hill of beans. But it MAY cause one or two of them to use the grey matter they were endowed with.


  • rebel8

    I was already working on my will, but this thread has really made me think.

    I am working on the part where you specify your wishes about your funeral. I am specifying I do not want any jws there nor do I want any jw-related activities/ceremonies going on. I know I can't necessarily control what happens after I die, but I do want to make my wishes known.

    I am going to make a provision that none of my assets be given to the kh or wts, directly or indirectly.

    I have spent countless amounts of my time and energy trying to help innocent people avoid getting involved with this cult in the first place. I certainly do not want my death to be used as a way to promote the cult, either financially or allowing it to have any audience at my funeral.

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