How much did you sleep at the conventions/assemblies?

by avidbiblereader 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    it was hardest for me to stay awake when my kids were babies.. they never slept well at hotels because it was a strange place.. of course we let daddy sleep because he had to "work" at assemblies. stick a warm sleeping baby on my shoulder and my eyelids would get so heavvvvvvvy.. i'd end up leaning my head on the baby and snoozing till one of my other kids pulled someones hair in the row in front of me or threw a book from the 2nd level to the floor level and i'd get one of those evil "CONTROL YOUR KIDS" looks.

  • seawolf

    WTF? With allllllllll the hot babes that were there at the assemblies I don't understand how there were so many men sleeping...? You DID bring your binoculars didn't you? hmmmm? no? tsk tsk Between that, all the noises and kids kicking my chair from behind and the lights that were so hot they felt like the sun just went supernova , I never slept at an assembly.

  • yaddayadda

    I always found sleeping at meetings and conventions particularly delicious. Taboo sleep sure felt good.

  • MinisterAmos

    If you see an RV with pull-outs in the parking lot it means I'm inside sleeping or watching porn.

  • searching4truth

    i would close my eyes for a few minutes and my sister would elbow me. I would just grin and tell her to leave me alone i was "praying". or i would play chess on my cell phone with my friend. the only convention i didn't sleep through was during a particularly exciting period during my life when wife and i stayed high on cocaine the whole covention. of course we stayed in the hotel room having sex most of time we could only sit through an hour twice then resumed more entertaining activities like more sex. we kept telling our family she was ill

  • zev

    toward the end of my tenure in the cult, my last 3 years or so were strickly devoted to getting to sleep asapasap and trying to either make it through the meeting/day getting as much sleep as possible, and when i got all caught up on that, i did what every red blooded american married man did....scope out the hotties!

    ( i always wore sunglasses even inside so i wouldn't get busted)

  • avidbiblereader

    With all this sleep, it makes you wonder what was all the clapping about and who did it? Do you remember sitting there and clapping like a seal?

  • Undecided
    Where are the young people in these pics?

    The teens were all up in the balcony where they could talk and smooch a little.

    Ken P.

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