How much did you sleep at the conventions/assemblies?

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  • Oroborus21

    a lot as a kid, less as an teen or adult, too busy trying to check out the Watchtower Babes. But i daydreamed constantly so that is almost like sleeping.

  • garybuss
  • garybuss
  • Confession

    10am: Settle in. Pull out notebook, try to scribble decent notes.

    10:10am: Set notebook aside. Pull out binoculars. See if you can locate friends among the 35,000 in attendance at the Pontiac Silverdome.

    10:30am: Get up and go use the bathroom. Wash hands. Get a drink at the fountain. Take eight gulps--as you will do approximately forty times over the course of the convention. Start walking through the corridors with a bit of urgency--as if you're on your way to some important convention business. Do a couple of laps.

    11:00am: Return to seats just in time for song and announcements.

    11:15am: During a manuscript lecture, begin to fixate on the large, blue baptismal pool sitting on the astro-turf below. Try to calculate just how far off the mezzanine railing you will have to jump in order to land safely in the pool. Imagine yourself doing so. A lot. Try not to think about the extreme pain and resulting, bloody death in which this leap would surely result.

    11:35am: Your head starts to nod down and up as you drift off and wake up intermittently. You widen your eyes intensely, thinking this will keep them from closing. It doesn't. You shake your head back and forth and give yourself a little slap in the face. Ah, good, there we go. (pause) Zzzzz... Oh man.

    I guess the answer to the question is: As little as possible--but wayyyy too frequently.

  • unclebruce

    LOL @ Gary,

    I went searching for that last photo. They're classics

  • windchime

    I remember when I attended last 1-day (actually half of the day) assembly, I began to sleep before the program commence, then I opened my eyes, all were finished. I was too brainwashed at that time I guessed that Jehovah prevented me to learn anything. Soon after that I was DF'd.

  • avidbiblereader

    Gary, they are classics and funny, thanks


  • uwishufish

    Where are the young people in these pics?

  • nelly136

    i hope they checked her pulse at some point gary

  • juni

    OMG this thread is funny!! Thanks everyone for the laugh. Confession, Gary -god that is good!!

    Well guys/gals I was a good little dub. I stayed awake, but yawned for more oxygen. I wanted to set a good example for my kids. My husband on the other hand (the MS) his head would bob and go back and a short snort and then my elbow in his side.

    YES. I admit I was an elbower!! It is all so pathetic when I think of it now.

    Now you all can get together and toss me in the baptismal pool for being an ass****


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