What do I do with all this WT literature?

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  • orangefatcat

    Lenny, what book published that sewing machines shows we are in the last days. Thats a new one on me.

    maybe if you can send me a list of some older literature I might like to buy if from you. Just pm me.

    thanks Burn baby burn!!


  • Honesty

    I kept all of mine for the JW's who I encounter on my out of town trips to malls and donut shops.

    They are better than anything the Watchtower throws at them when they see what this cult really PRINTED.

  • MeneMene

    "The Harp of God" (by WTS president Joseph Franklin Rutherford, published 1921) offers these proofs that Jesus returned in the year 1874: - - - - - begin quote - - - - - "It was in the year 1874, the date of our Lord's second presence that the first labor organization in the world was created. From that time forward, there has been a marvelous increase of light, and the inventions and discoveries have been too numerous for us to mention all of them here, but mention is made of some of those that have come to light since 1874, as further evidence of the Lord's presence since that date, as follows: Adding machines, aeroplanes, aluminum, antiseptic surgery, artificial dyes, automatic couplers, automobiles, barbed wire, bicycles, carborundum, cash registers, celluloid, correspondence schools, cream separators, Darkest Africa, disk plows, Divine Plan of the Ages, dynamite, electric railways, electric welding, escalators, fireless cookers, gas engines, harvesting machines, illuminating gas, induction motors, linotypes, match machines, monotypes, motion pictures, North Pole, Panama Canal, pasteurization, radium, railway signals, Roentgen Rays, shoe-sewing machines, skyscrapers, smokeless powder, South Pole, submarines, subways, talking machines, telephones, television, typewriters, vacuum cleaners, and wireless telegraphy." - - - - - end quote - - - - -

  • Honesty

    Menemene, you should have seen the two JW elders when I pulled out my personal copy of THE HARP OF GOD last month when they showed up to 'study' the bible at a Christian friend's home.

    I asked the elder that I knew if he would like to discuss 1874 with me.

    He recognised deadly poison concealed under that pretty green hardbound cover so he bolted for the door.

  • MeneMene

    They're afraid of their own literature??? LOL - - - I sent my JW sister the info above and got back a package of copies from JW's - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom. I'm not familiar with that book. Looks like they have tried to debunk all the errors they have made over the years in that book. She also sent a few paragraphs from The Reasoning Book but I can't tell what page is it. The subtitle is Have not JW's made errors in their teachings? It explains/justifies their errors.

  • Justahuman24

    You can sell them on eBay! I know I'd like to get my hands on old publications but they're hard to find and have nowhere to put them lol... The basement is full with stuff. :-( justahuman - but super nonetheless

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    I seem to recall that Alan F. was looking for old KM's. Personally, I've kept one of everything. The cd-rom's sometimes reword the older pubs, and many can't be found on the cd-roms. A number of times we made copies of actual articles etc (because we might tamper with the cd-rom). I wish I'd kept my back issues of the magazines (I burned all but one copy of each). I would now write on the front in black ink marker various websites (Watchtower research, JWD etc) so anyone who picked them up in a laundry, reststop bathroom etc, would perhaps get curious.


  • avidbiblereader

    It is great stuff to put at the bottom of a bird cage. Keep the Bible for cross referencing with other Bibles but what a waste of space.


  • free2beme

    Wrap it up and give it to a JW for Christmas

  • abbagail

    Hi Lenny In Bluemont:

    Fantastic, a WT goldmine (I had a TON of WT lit and, unfortunately, threw it all in the dumpster only about two years ago... it was taking up too much space all these years in this small apt. I actually tried to burn in the grill one bound volume but, like someone else said in this thread, it would NOT BURN, even w/lighter-fluid sprayed all over it!)

    Anyway, would you have any:
    * JW Bibles ('61 or '71 or '84, etc.) and/or
    * Their big hardcover burgundy REFERENCE Bible and/or
    * Their hardcover burgundy Comprehensive Concordance?

    If so, I'm interested.

    I know a lady who is doing research on the Bible Versions and last time I spoke with her I asked if she had the JW Bible? and she said, "No, but I sure wish I did." Then she asked about Jude 14 (I think is the verse) and when I told her the NWT used the word "myriads" she was fascinated and made note of it. I did give her the NWT online site but I think the "real deal" would be great for her research library: http://watch.pair.com/index.html (that's her site).

    Feel free to let me know via PM or this thread, etc.

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