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  • Fly

    It was a waste wasting 15 years of my life on this false religion. I've cried when i find out that this religion is bull shit and are false prophets. I'm a pioneer still and supposed to meet up in service with this brotha tomorr but i'm not going. My entire family are hardcore JWS' so i don't know what to do either to tell them or keep quite. You guys tell me. I'm soo crying over this - to be misled by this orgnization hit me so bad cuz i was just planning to go to be a regular pioneer and hopefully attend "the pioneer school" then MTS. This is sad, can't believe i spent my entire life on this bullshit. i'm so depressed.

  • Abandoned


    OK, cry as much as you need to tonight but before you decide what you do tomorrow think of what you've already lost. There's a smart way to handle this where you can lessen the amount of further damage while maximizing the chance that you help other loved ones see the truth about "the truth."

    You are going to get a lot of advice from people here in a bit. I think since you have a lot of family in the org, you are best following the suggestions to take the fade route and prepare to help other loved ones escape as well.

    Here's another ((((((hug)))))) my friend. After all you've been through, you can go through the rest that leads back to your sanity.

  • Fly

    Thanks man, the good thing is i'm still young (22 years old) but yah i'll probably need alot of time to recover from this. I'm thinking of flying out of the city without telling them that I no longer want anything to do with this religion. so yah the fade route is a work in progress. (sorry for my english its my second language).

  • What-A-Coincidence


    I was in a similar situation. I spent 10 years at Bethel, I am in my early 30's, just realized the truth about the troof about a year ago.. Take it a day at a time and analyze each and every step. We are here for you buddy. :-)

    I recommend: "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz

    and "Releasing the bonds" by Steve Hassan

    I'm thinking of flying out of the city without telling them that I no longer want anything to do with this religion.

    My fam was in the troof too. I got them out. Don't get crazy! Read Steve Hassan's book 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then think about how you want to approach the matter IMHO.

    I speak spanish so you can send me an email/message if you wish.

    Dr. WAC xElder xBethelite current exit counselor (or soon to be)

    we also have 1 on 1 sessions if we are on at http://gabbly.com/www.jehovahs-witness.com

  • bigmouth

    Welcome into the JWD ointment Fly. We're glad you posted and especially so as you sound very distressed.

    I wonder how long you've been reading here? It took me about two months of sitting bug-eyed at what I was seeing and I must have felt a bit like you. Stay home sick tomorrow and chill. Take the advice that will work best for you in your circumstances.

    Kind thoughts,

  • Effervescent

    Welcome to the board! I know you're going through a hard time right now, but we're glad you're here and on a path to recovering your life.

    Just keep reading, the more you educate yourself, the better you will feel. Learning is not a thing to be feared, to the contrary of what the Org has been saying all these years!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Fly. Welcome to the forum.

    My advice is to do nothing different until you have a plan.

    Take your time. Remain a faithful Dubby until you know what you want to do.

    If you want to retain your relationship with your family there are only two ways that will do it....remain a Dub in good standing.....or take them out with you.

    Taking them out is very difficult and will take a long time and a lot of patience and planning on your part. If you say the wrong thing, they will smell a rat and run a mile.

    There have been a few here that have managed to get their families out with them. Try to find their posts to get some ideas. (Can anyone help here?) I think Amazing was one of them.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new journey....

    ....and a merry Christmas


  • Bam412

    Hi Fly

    I am interested to know why you think that it is a false religion and want an exit strategy? I agree that you should fade out gradually. I was rasied one and then I finally let go at 28. But it was gradual and I had a lot of conscience battling and now realise that it wasn't my conscience I was battling it was the mind control placed on me all the years and I was going through "cold turkey". But none of this is easy and I wish you all the best in relinquishing yourself, it wont be easy at first but it is well worth it. Be strong Fly and all the best.

    Bam : )

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It's ok fly - you're twenty-two years young - lot of wasted time, but you have so much more

    i was just planning to go to be a regular pioneer and hopefully attend "the pioneer school" then MTS

    well......you didn't.......good for you

    chill out now, the antedote takes a while to get used to............there's a lot of people here that wished they were twenty-two

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Fly,

    If you have time, spend some here and read read read. You are not alone.

    Welcome to JWD.


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