how to let down a former bible student

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  • SB

    i ran into a now baptized, old bible student of mine yesterday. she got my phone number and will be calling me. how do i tell her that i no longer want to be affiliated with the religion i taught her for two years? she's young, and i can tell still looks up to me, so i know i have to be honest, but how?

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you are up to it, you could start with a sincere apology.

    I am so sorry for the things I thought I was helping you to understand.
    I told you how Jehovah's Witnesses lived by the Bible, but that wasn't
    entirely true. I may have caused you never to look at the religion
    from an objective point of view. I started doing that after I studied with
    you, and now I realize what a terrible misjustice I have done you.
    Keep in mind that everything I told you then was sincere and out of
    love for neighbor, just as the things I need to tell you now are.

    She will either be interested in what you have to say or run away.
    Either way, you let her know right away that something is wrong.

  • jgnat

    I suggest you let her talk first. Most people are yearning for an audience. Hear how he life is going, wish her well, then tell her.

  • sspo

    Well, are you DF or just fading?

    If you say too much about the lies of the watchtower and you trained her well in the ways of the Borg she might even turn you in and a can of worms will be open.

  • SB

    i'm fading, but i'm also opening celebrating xmas this year ~ so i have a feeling i'll be getting the boot soon. honestly, i'm starting to feel like it will be relief. no more preaching at me or giving me sympathy looks like i have a terminal illness. no more telling me how they just signed up to pioneer and how great it's going (gag me!).

    so to answer your questions, i'm a fader, but being DA'ed is starting to not look so bad.

  • parakeet

    "...i know i have to be honest, but how?"

    By being honest. Simply tell her you now have doubts about the JW religion. If she wants to discuss this further, fine. If not, wish her the best and say goodbye.

  • OnTheWayOut

    In light of your fading, I agree with parakeet 100%. Don't rock your own boat
    unless you have firmly decided that you want to.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    "...i know i have to be honest, but how?"

    tell her plainly before the shields go up - it's an orchestrated lie..... and they are indeed a false prophet

  • avidbiblereader

    1) If you are resolved that you are making the right descision by leaving, if you talk to her about your leaving then you are NOT letting her down but rather helping her.

    2) For every action there is an equal reaction, depending on the state of mind your friend has, your reaction may be a visit from the elders as her loyality will compel her to report you and DFing or DAing is what they will tell you should do.

    Tread the waters lightly, cautious as a serpent and yet as innocent as a dove is what Christ said.

  • becca1

    I agree with parakeet. Keep it low key, and put it on her whether or not to discuss your issues.

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