i was raised a non practicing jw, by my unbaptized addict mother, until i was 10, when i decided i needed to "make the truth my own". my sister and i were the star of the town - pioneering, social butterflies. then one day i decided to research my religion online, despite the fear of being poisoned by apostates that had been instilled in me. it took one day to undue 16 years of mind control. one day. it's now taken two years to be happy with myself again. i love loving people - of every religion, nationality, personality. i love being a truly good person without that side of me that had been taught to hate - to hate "wordly" people. i'm getting reaquainted with my "wordly" relatives that i had been warned not to spend too much time with. I'm blessed with a "wordly" boyfriend who is the best person i've ever met. this "wicked system of things" is taking quite good care of me. i'm going to school to join the medical field - i can't wait until i can help a JW in a hospital setting. will they realize their unspoken motto, "remain free from the world - yet use every resource it has to offer, including government programs and help from people who took the time to get an education". YES, college is not a sin! :)