Do you remember the first anti-JW site you visited on the internet?...

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  • Carmel

    Sipped H20 for a couple years before jumping ship! This site was infinately smaller, about two dozen of us, but the folks were much friendlier and supportive of each others' differing opinions. Whoda guessed we'd number in the thousands...


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    This one was my first, because a friend listed it first in his information he gave me.

  • Momofmany

    I was at

    There was a poster there, who sent me over here.

  • Momofmany

    Sorry, edited because I double posted.

  • confusedjw

    I happened to be doing some "research" of my own on the 607 B.C.E. mularky and came across my first anti-JW site. If you haven't been here, it's an eye opener:

    What an awesome read that site was for me....


  • heretic

    The Watchtower observer then here.

    Im happy to say Ive met Kent (watchtower observer) and Simon (jwd)

    great stuff

  • ithinkisee

    Beyond JWs was the first one I went to. The thing that really grabbed me there was the DA Letter because it bullet pointed issues I was not even aware of yet.

    Then WT Observer was next. A UK Site that I don't think is even running anymore. (We need another site like that one.)

    From there I think I got referred to some of Alan F's stuff and from there went to and Freeminds.

    After that I was looking for a forum to discuss issues. I found one and poked around for awhile and there was just a lot of inside jokes, dirty jokes and porn. Not that I'm against any of those things, but the JW stuff was priority so I moved on and kept searching.

    That's when I found JWD. A little more focused and the "Best Of" threads kept me up for whole nights compiling stuff and downloading scans.

  • JAVA

    I think it was about 10-years ago that I ran into a forum of former JWs called "Jesus-Witnesses." Several of the old timers with their own web sites were part of that group, too. Timothy, Doc Bob, Alan F, Randy, etc.

  • Abaddon

    First one was 'Support4XJW's', about '96 I guess. Looked at H20 at some point but it looked like a load of \/\/ /\ |\| |< and failed to sustain my interest. I still know a few people in the XJW online community from those days. That board started to fade after Tishe, the brilliant lady (and best mod I've seen) stopped running it, although it still carries on to this day. Then I found this place which for all its faults ( a slight tendancy to crush butterflies on wheels) has sustained my interest thus far with occasional forays elsewhere and periods when it's too boring to be hacked with.

  • Hecklerboy

    I had no idea that anti-JW sites had been around so long. It seems like as soon as the internet went mainstream, anti-JW sites started popping up.

    This is what I invisioned the internet to become when it first got started. People sharing information from all over the world. Helping each other and sharing a common bond. Something the WTB$ knows nothing about.

    Oh yeah, the internet also helps me get mountain bike parts at a great price too.

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