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    Hey Mike,

    Good to see you as always. I think you're referring to Jesus's comment about "it is better to tie a millstone around your neck and jump in the river than to deliberately change God's word, or use it to hurt others." I think that's what he said, I'm not sure about the exact phrasing.

    A few posts back, someone mentioned how the Watchtower loves it classes and labels for people, and I could not agree more. You see, one of the ways the Watchtower has been able to maintain such a tight grip on its victims, or "congregation" all these years, while at the same time maintaining a low public profile, is that it takes so bloody long to explain it.

    For example, my college is fairly small and non-competitive. I looked up Jehovah Witnesses in the library and found no books solely devoted to them, like Ray Franz, or Steve Hassan. However, there are many books det ailing the many cults in America dating back to the 1950's, and in every single book, there was one chapter devoted to the Jehovah Witnesses, and clinical definition, for lack of a better term, is that they are a cult.Keep in mind now that these are academics talking, purely from a psychological and sociological point of view. They say this so matter - of - fa c tly that it's hard for the reader to believe that they're anything other than a cult. In any case, the truth is out there, but only for people who are looking for it.

    Take the United Nations situation. Notice how with all the stuff the Watchtower says about them, and all the hypocrisy, and with all of our efforts to expose their hypocrisy, the one people who have not said a word is the United Nations itself! This is because they either don't know or they don't care. I wouldn't be surprised if the UNICEF or the Catholic NGO's were sitting at the meetings across from the Watchtower representatives and laughing at them saying "look at how hypocritical they are! They think their smarter than us, and pretend we don't know what they're doing!"

    Another reason they pretend to be normal is with child abuse. What happened to Mike is the common example of what happens to the average victim and their family in the Watchtower. Here is a strange and truly repulsive phenomena. The average Jehovah Witness finds the subject of pedophile just as disgusting as the rest of the world does, but for verydifferent reasons. We, along with the rest of society abhor pedophilia as a taboo, just like incest and cannibalism, for the very obvious reasons such as the detrimental effects on both the victim and their families, both physical and mental.

    I know, I know, I'm just stating the obvious, but consider this. Jehovah's Witnesses do not condemn child abusebecause of how bad it is, but rather because of how bad it makes them look. Their primary concern has been, and always will be, the image of their organization, everything else is secondary. Unity at all costs.

    "Strength through unity, unity through faith."

    Starting to see the picture now, all you lurkers? This is an organization that almost rewards you for being a pedophile. Think about how many magazines you have seen condemning pre-marital sex, masturbation, gay people, drinking, smoking, even being in the same room with the opposite sex without a chaperone. All these things are not illegal in the real world, by the way. They're actually quite normal. But in Watchtower land they invented whole new words to describe these things such as "petting," and "pornea" and "loose conduct," any of which is grounds for "disfellowshipping," all except, you guessed it, pedophilia. You need a full confession or two eye witnesses to be found guilty, and even then, they don't ever tell the cops, just give him six months reduced privileges in the congregation and make him promise never to do it again. Isn't that weird? You can be disfellowshipped for premarital sex with a girl, except if she's underage, than it's quietly swept under the rug and never heard from again.

    Think about that for a minute, then think about how many times the Watchtower has condemned pedophilia inside or outside their organization. No! All they say is "repressed memories," and "untrustworthy accusations." As if a ten year old girl would even know what it is, rather than lie about it. And they condemn the Episcopalians for having a gay bishop? It's absolute hypocrisy!

    Does anyone remember when they were in kindergarten or elementary school, did they ever teach you about "stranger danger," or how to recognize when someone is touching you inappropriately, and what to do if they did? I remember it vividly; they used to say one of the most important things was to tell a school official or a responsible adult. They also stressed the importance that is is never the child's fault. But imagine being in an organization where they do think it's the child's fault. They look at the victim with distrust and suspicion and say "you're making false accusations against your brother and bringing reproach upon him and Jehovah's organization." Just imagine being a child in this sick organization.

    When I compare the number of times they condemn the above mentioned sex lives of the rest of the world to their almost silence regarding child abuse, the only logical conclusion I can come to is that they encourage their members to become pedophiles through extreme social isolation and sexual repression.

    What do you think Mike?


  • eyeswideshut

    Anitar, I love your post. Your observations are absolutely genious!

    Mike, keep exposing this sick, and twisted cult for what it is, and opening up some eyes. I look forward to you sharing more


  • nsrn

    Very well said, Anitar!!!!!!!

  • mcsemike

    Hi Anitar: Yes, that's the scripture. I knew it, I was just teasing. I find it odd that the WT ignores the warning Jesus gave. He often used strong analogies to warn of punishment for those who were wicked, but seeing him say that someone should be drowned alive for hurting a child is quite strong. Well, stoning was no picnic either, if you realize how long it took to die after a four inch rock broke your skull.

    Very good post, Anitar. Yes, the WT is a cult from a clinical point of view. Again, I repeat this, not for pride, but because new people come here all the time. I have a BA in Psychology and I am therefore entitled and qualified from a professional standing to make this statement. A group of high school graduates who drive trucks and wash windows and who have IQ's 50 points lower than most of us who post here are not going to change our minds. I see many Mensa-qualified people here, which tells me that many of us joined this cult for emotional and/or psychological reasons before we knew the total picture intellectually. I doubt many here would have joined if they knew the entire history from day one. I own Studies in the Scriptures, so I can read Russell's lunacy from day one.

    You are right to say they don't care about the evil done to the children. They absolutely DO care more about how the WT looks plus the control they get from doing a JC meeting. These men are losers in life. So playing "executive" by carrying a leather briefcase a few days a week and being able to order all the women around, plus all the men who aren't elders, is a power trip they can't resist. I've seen it thousands of times.

    As far as the UN is concerned, I'm sure they saw the hypocrisy. There is a letter posted somewhere that came from the UN office that handles NGO's. The person was so sick of all the inquiries by the public (and JW's) about their belonging to the UN that he published the letter and said read that instead of calling him all the time.

    "Strength through Unity." There is a page detailing Covington's court trial where he admits in court that even if the GB knows a belief is wrong, the WT forces all people to believe it or they are DF'd and worthy of death. When asked if this was Christian, he said yes. I would post it, but I can't figure out how to copy and paste into this reply box. I'd really appreciate it if someone would tell me how. I'm a computer geek, but it I can't get it to work. All this box accepts is my typing. Thank you.

    A child's mind, after being molested in this religion, has got to be "scrambled eggs". I know my daugther, now 21, will NEVER be normal. She has been in therapy for 8 years. She is making progress and slowly remembering things, but won't talk to me. I understand there was a WT article or something telling JW's to avoid family members who had "left Jehovah". Since my wife left me five years ago and took my child, they see no reason to talk to me. I haven't heard her voice in over a year. Forget letters or email. My wife calls every 3 months to demand money, which I won't give her. The local elders refused to get involved here in Florida, but told me to write Bethel and complain that the NJ elders won't help me make my wife give me a valid reason for leaving me. The local elder said, "We don't tell JW's to leave or stay with their mates, we stay neutral." That's bullshit. Shouldn't they do everything to help the marriage work? Doesn't a child need a father? What does this say about their caring about the children? I rest my case there.

    I believe in making your own justice. I'm Sicilian, and the only reason the pedophile(s) are alive is because I don't want to answer to Caesar for murder. But if I could pull it off legally, I'd line them all up and use my many firearms until they melted in my hands from the heat. The Godfather said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Someday there will be an accounting for what happened.

    Anitar, children RARELY make this up or remember it WRONG. Dr. Phil just had a 3 year old who told her mother that her father was molesting her. What cartoons would a child see to make them decide to just fabricate a story like this? "Repressed memories?" Sure, all bad things are blocked by the mind. That's what therapy is for. How many of any of you aren't repressing bad treatment you received as a child, maybe from your parents, or bullying? We ALL have these. Why won't the JW's listen? Because they hope it will all go away with time, the same as all the failed prophecies and bullshit advice they gave in the past. You want a good laugh? Look up the medical advice they gave in the 1920's to 1950's. I almost broke a rib laughing so hard.

    Eyeswideshut: I will always post here as long as possible. This is one of the best group of truly intelligent and caring people I've seen. The WT's claim of "bitterness" and "what is the motive of these critics" is total bullshit. I ask: "What is the motive of the WT in labeling people just because they tell the truth?" Answer that one, you JW lurkers. You love to call names. But you all suck because you're liars and hypocrites. If you are exactly correct about Jehovah's standards and He approves 100% of your actions, then I now say before the universe that God is a sick and twisted being who needs to be killed.

    I know this was long, but I think it was necessary. I know JW's come here all the time. DON'T YOU?????

    End of line. (computer talk)

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    ewwww. I think I prefer the WT$.

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  • sacolton

    Jim, I agree with alot that you said concerning Jesus Christ. Why do you suppose the origins of the Watchtower gave worship to Christ, but later decided He should not be worshiped? What is your opinion about the Memorial now with 99.9% of the Jehovah's Witnesses rejecting the offering of Christs body? Finally, when did you come to the conclusion that "the Word was with God and the Word was God"?

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