I'm one of the EVIL SLAVE

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  • Amazing


    Very nice to meet you Jim!

    Are you kidding? You have known me for a long time. I used to be a Forum Asst ... and, I had a couple of phone calls with your husband. I have been on the board since 2001, almost 6 years and over 4,000 posts.

    Well ... pehaps you have forgotten me ... but I have not been a strong presence for about a year. Let me know if you really forgot me.

    Jim Whitney

  • bikerchic
    Well ... pehaps you have forgotten me ... but I have not been a strong presence for about a year. Let me know if you really forgot me.

    LOL! No I have not forgotten you Jim I was just greating you in the context of the thread you evil slave you!

  • bikerchic

    Oh, forgot......


    Next, I will post my recent deposition testimony, which may interest some of you. Yes, I am a real bad man helping those victims of child abuse.

    I can hardly wait for you to be able to tell the rest of the forum about the above, quite shocking!

  • Elsewhere

    I'm the Naughty Slave.

  • bikerchic
    I'm the Naughty Slave.

    You say that like it's a baaaaad thing.

  • MeneMene

    Amazing, you said "I have totally and completely renounced all but one Watchtower doctrine." . . . Can you tell us which doctrine?

  • Amazing


    The only doctrine I still agree with is that Hell is not a place of fire and eternal torment. Catholics have a couple of views of hell. Some think that Hell is metaphoric for eternal separation from God, while others think of it as punishment by fire in the traditional sense. I am in the first camp of metaphore ... and I also allow for the possibility that Hell is symbolic for eternal destruction. My view is not supported by traditional Church teaching ... but, the Church will not toss me out as a heretic or apostate.

    Jim Whitney The Evil Slave

  • esw1966

    Thank you for your posts Amazing!

    Your experience and posts help solidify my continued belief that I have made the right decision to not return to the Society. I was already quite confident, but I love adding another brick to my brick wall of faith and confidence in my decision!

  • looking_glass

    Ahh, yes JW's and their labels. But isn't it interesting for a group that puts the Anointed on high, they still make the fallen Anointed even worse then Joe Publisher when he leaves. Either way it reminds me of a caste system where there will always be those who are superior to another regardless of their goodness (or evilness)

  • heathen

    Let me see if I get this right , to be anointed in the jw sense doesn't require any gifts of the spirit ? you simply have to agree with everything that's in print and seen as the current light just like the R&F ? I think the evil slave mentioned is one that beats theri fellow slaves because the master is delaying , much like what the WTBTS does. You would be more like the son of destruction . My current belief is that all christians can receive holy spirit and will inherit the kingdom of the heavens , not just the paradise earth.I don't believe women are included with the 144k which are different because they die as martyrs and are the first resurrection .There's more to it but basically that's it. If you went catholic that also makes you a whore of babylon .You evil freak you................

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