I'm one of the EVIL SLAVE

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  • Stealth453

    When you finally make it down there, look me up. I'll be the one in the presidential suite, and I guarantee you, the beer will be plentiful and cold.

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    I want to be part of the "EVIL SLAVE CLASS"...

  • Amazing


    I will be pleased to drnk beer with you in Hell. We will need it!


    You can join the Evil Slave Class by doing the following:

    1. Remain in good standing in the Watchtower organization.

    2. Partake at the next Memorial and openly profess to be Anointed.

    3. Reach out and become an Elder (This may take a while, unles you are already an Elder) I recommend becoming an Elder first, then claim you are of the Anointed. It is more difficult for new Anointed to get promoted to Elder.

    4. After achieving the above steps, leave the organization and become a public apostate, taking a stand aganist the organization. You can write letters to the Editor exposing the child abuse issue, or other embarassing things the Society does not want in the news. You can write books, and of course make public statements on the Internet against the organization.

    5. Join a normal Christian Church, either Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox. MAke sure to help your Pastor or Priest in reaching out to people who might possibly become JWs, to steer them back toward Christ.

    If you faithfully do these things, my son or daughter, you will be promoted to one of the Evil Slave Class. Your name will be worse than an Apostate ... you will be hated by JWs as though you were a child of Satan the Devil himself.

    Jim Whitney

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The dubs certainly love their titles and class distinctions. I remember dubs who all but worshipped the so-called annointed. As you bring out, all you really had to do was to decide you were annointed and be a company man or woman.

    The fact that the numbers have stayed basically the same for over 30 years blows their theory of a special class that was closed back in 1935 out of the water. And the parable that Jesus spoke about the faithful and discreet slave and evil slave are so obviously just an illustration to teach us about loyalty to Christ.

    The Bible view that all of God's people are on a level playing field in his sight is so refreshing. Even the Bible states that the great crowd are in heaven, no matter what contorted reasoning they use about the different areas of the temple.

    I am sure it took some humility on your part to come down to the Bible's explanation. That humility is what really impresses me about Ray Franz's books and how he doesn't try to come across as someone special, even though he did us all a great service in exposing the inner workings of the governing body.

    Thanks for the interesting post.

  • bigmouth

    Hi Jim, (Your Evilness). I was reading your post on 1979 and I wanted to ask what the single doctrine was you still agreed with. So I was pleasantly surprised to read this thread now that I've come in from mowing the lawn.

    I knew a couple of the anointed quite well for a while when I was newly interested and I remember asking them how the GB got the new light from the anointed to publish in the mags. They told me that when they are inspired, a whole bunch of letters arrive in Brooklyn dealing with the same subject and this is the signal for the Org. to write an article on it.

    Sounds like they were wasting stamps!

    Regards, Pete

  • JWdaughter

    Jim, thanks for the honest explanation. While I have seen most of the explanation before, it was a good refresher. I really appreciate this board and those who work on it. Probably a lot more useful position that you had here than there. . .even when you aren't a forum asst.! And I don't think I have ever met an evil slave before. . .can you get reparations for that?


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I'm glad you are posting more these days. I remember your earlier posts very well. What impressed me the most is how you handled youor family when you started having doubts. You raised questions during your family Bible study in a way that would get them thinking, such as, "How would you answer this question.......... if somebody asked you." As I recall, your wife and four children all got out of the Borg without too much difficulty.

  • Amazing


    I am not very humble. But, I could not go on living with myself and what I grew to see was clearly false. Honesty demanded that I get out of the Watchtwoer organization, and take my family with me.

    Big Mouth:

    They told me that when they are inspired, a whole bunch of letters arrive in Brooklyn dealing with the same subject and this is the signal for the Org. to write an article on it. ... Sounds like they were wasting stamps!

    They are also liars! Ray Franz explained how the Society decides to write on topics ... and none of it involves the Anointed. Those that told you they sent in letters were inviting trouble and monitoring. Those who kept a low profile are the ones who are more likely to advance and have their opinion heard ... however, their opinion is not heard because they are Anointed, but because they have status and rank up the organization. Rank and position are what really counts among the JWs. They have a "clergy" calss second to none.

    JW Daughter:

    Being an Evil Slave is reparations all in itself.


    Yes, they all got out, and a couple of friends of mine at the same time. They are all involved in different Churches except my youngest son. I believe that he is somewhat of an athiest or agnostic. But, that is not an issue between us.

    Jim Whitney

  • kls

    Had no idea the Evil Slave class was so cool .

    Thanks Amazing for the fight to help so many

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "If any man is reaching out for an office of Evil Slave, he is desirous of a fine work." -Timothy White 3:16

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