Comments You Will Not Hear at the 12-17-06 WT Study (Sacred Gatherings)

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  • willyloman

    If paragraphs 7 thru 9 were the critical messages, why not just have an announcement: Get here on time, sit down when you're told to sit, don't chew gum, you sisters stop wearing those revealing sun dresses, and, dammit, show some freakin' respect around here!

    Then they'd have 59 minutes to discuss something important.

  • daniel-p
    The Watchtower Study meeting is about attending the Watchtower Study meeting.

    Yawn . . .

    Exactly - no substance. Even the Assembly of God have more substance than that - even if its crazy people frothing at the mouth in "the Lord's name."

  • minimus

    My mom told me that an elder did say, "Sometimes it's better to chew gum than offend someone because of bad breath". I said to her that the Watchtower says differently and that it's disrespectful to Jehovah.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Blondie,

    I mentioned to you in last week's lesson that two of my friends walked out in disgust during paragraph # 7, Sunday, 10 December. Seems "7" may, once again, be the tipping point!

    Thank you,


  • heathen
    The Watchtower Study meeting is about attending the Watchtower Study meeting.

    Yawn . . .

    [email protected]. Of course they want you there so they can boast about meeting attendance and how the churches of christiandom are on the decline also they can hassle you over congregation expenses and remind you where the contribution boxes are and how they work ,oh yah they need your money worse than you do . This article written not long after the announcement that false religion was doomed . I guess everybody was supposed to run to the WTBTS just after that as well .

  • garybuss

    Then they read a letter that stressed how important it is to attend Watchtower Study Meeting at the Watchtower Study Meeting that was about attending the Watchtower Study Meeting.

    Yawn . . . stretch . . . scratch . . .

  • itsallgoodnow

    Sheesh! I hope other religions aren't this petty. What are they really gonna do if you do one of these baaad things anyway? Sneer at you? Big whip!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Strange about the letter. Maybe that was only in the UK because nothing was read at our meeting today.

    Its funny but the auidence wasn't very enthusiatic about this subject and the conductor had to pull comments more than usual. Of course, we were encouraged to "make trips outside unpleasant for our kids" when they act up. The conductor also hammered the gum and I don't think most folks thought it was disrespectful given their comments. He literally had to get 4 folks before they hit on the disrespectful comment that he was looking for.

    Even my wife thought whoever wrote the article a) has never had kids and b) was airing his pet peeves. Also, the comment about "annointed Chrisitans and their companions" caught her attention. She tought that it was very strange and I explained that only the annointed are considered Chrisitians. The rest of us are just companions. She didn't believe me until I showed her in several places last week (I guess she wasn't paying attention last week). I believe I planted a seed today.

  • purplesofa
    Prayers uttered at our meetings reflect the feelings of all in attendance. They merit our respectful attention

    .That is an assumption.

    Proper dress and behavior at our gatherings honor Jehovah God, his worship, and our fellow worshippers.

    There is no respect for people that do come and don't have the "proper" dress.

    Similarly today, our young ones attend meetings with their parents primarily to listen and to learn

    It has always floored me that the same information is suitable for adults and children to digest. I cannot believe that I took 5 kids to meetings, alone.

    Our desire is that after listening to the material presented and observing our behavior and that of our children, those attending for the first time will say: "God is really among you."-1 Corinthians 14:25.

    Especially since new ones, get to hear the ass chewing all the worshippers are getting with this article.

    , he will try to express himself in his own words

    I really feel critical for some reason about this article...........Honestly, I think adults dont express themselves in their own words for fear of saying the wrong thing or let it be known they they have a mind of their own. I have never heard a child make a comment using their own words. I noticed that new ones would make comments from their heart.......the WT condutor's only response is Thankyou for your comment. While you can feel the congregation thinking ......They will comment right.

    Out of respect for the sacred nature of our meetings, we do not allow secular work, school homework, or evening schooling to cause us to miss out on meeting regularly with our fellow believers.

    Soon there will be a WT on JW children and school......are you being a good example, getting all your homework done?

    What bothers me the most about this article is what is not said............there is nothing positive. I always came away from these meetings feeling beat to death.

    Thank you Blondie for the work you put into these articles and consistancy.


  • Quandary

    Doubting Bro-

    Same atmosphere at our meeting today. Very lack lustre comments and interestingly, on paragraph 17 there was only one comment and it didn't even mention the 'no missing meetings for work, homework, etc... the conductor (my dad) skipped over it as well and just proceeded to the box. The meeting ended 10 minutes early today, thank God for small favors.


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