Comments You Will Not Hear at the 12-17-06 WT Study (Sacred Gatherings)

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey Hamsterbait,

    RE: David's leaping about before Jehovah. It reminded me of WT admonition to NOT wave arms back and forth [during the song? - don't remember], bring gifts to the newly baptized, clap at reinstatement announcements, go in service with female in-laws unless accompanied by your wife, etc. Apparently, Jehovah's clean and orderly arrangement cannot deal with a little spontaneity, exuberance and free choice. Posted recently was 1984 and "thought" crimes; there are also "face" crimes. If the elders could see my face and read my mind, I'd go from the back room directly to Gehenna.


  • bronzefist

    Thanks again Blondie always a joy to read your CYWNH


  • Santisimo

    There is nothing sacred about reading a magazine or a book for 2 hours. If the meeting is supposed to be sacred, why not read DIRECTLY from the most Holy Book, The Bible? Why can't the WTS make it this simple? The answer is easy, without their array of books, the WTS can't control us. If everyone read the Bible the way the WTS dares us to, we would all realize that the WTS is a fallacy.

  • Santisimo

    You are so right Avid, if we did EXACTLY what Jesus did, we would all be JEWS. The WTS and Christianity are missing this point entirely. Christianity's ignorance I could forgive, but not the ignorance shown by the WTS since they claim to know everything.

  • SirNose586

    Man, what a control-freakish article! I'm pretty sure the fam is not having the weekly indoctrination session...but man. Meetings in the NS. Just kill me now, please.

  • garybuss

    The Watchtower Study meeting is about attending the Watchtower Study meeting.

    Yawn . . .

  • juni

    I second your emotion Gary !

    Thanks Blondie for your work on this.

  • anewme

    Thank you Blondie

  • justicehope

    Thank you Blondie

  • BluesBrother

    At the meeting,( which I attended to support & accompany my wife, I add) - The Conductor said with heavy gravitas, We have a letter from the Society . They say that this is a most important study and that special attention is to be given to paragraphs 7 to 9". And he did, labouring the points tediously.

    So why is special emphasis given to this article? They must have a problem. The Service Year report is poor. Meeting attendance and participation is evidently seen to be a problem too.

    Perhaps , as Bob Dylan said "Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, The times they are a changin'

    Anyway , what did it say? That meetings are "sacred", defined as

    —Synonyms 2 . venerable, divine. See holy. 4 . consecrated. 5 . revered. 6 . sacrosanct. 7 . inviolate, inviolable {

    Really, can you say that about the Kingdom Hall ? I have seen nothing revered or sacrosanct about it.

    I cannot see that this is going to change anybody's attitude

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