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  • SB

    a 9 yr old isn't even old enough to commit most of the "transgressions" that witnesses get in trouble for, they are baptizing innocent, un-testable children! how would they treat a 9 year old who got in trouble at school for playing "adult" with another 9 year old? would they disfellowship a nine year old? would you SHUN a 9 year old?!?! what if a 9 year old had a part in a xmas play, would you sit him down in front of three elders and scold him?!?! if someone can't drive themselves to a judicial committee themselves, they shouldn't be allowed to get baptized.

  • Stealth453

    In most countries, it is illegal for anyone under the age of majority to enter into a legal contract, whether written or verbal. Any such "contracts" are not recognized by law. Might want to toss that in the face of your BoE, and see how they react.

    Do I think it's insane? HELL YES. At 9 he should be worrying about whether or not he will wear superman or batman pj's to bed tonoght.

    Child baptisms make me SICK!!!!!!!

  • Cindyrenee

    Thanks for all of the excellent input. You have reaffirmed my feelings and thoughts. The eldere where they live are like "Deliverance" elderes. Do what they want. My ex son in laws brother, was baptized at 9, he wrecked his Dad's truck at 6. Anyway, it was such a big deal, ***** is getting baptized, woohoo. Well now ***** is 19, and has been disfellowshipped for dating a worldy girl. Horror. My Grandson has no clue; last year he was all excited to celebrate Christmas, this year he is a prim, little JW. The step mother has a JW view of discipline. My daughter also has triplets, besided the nine year old, they are six, and really confused, anyway the step mother pulls their pants down, spanks them with a wooden spoon, for being disobedient and not sitting still at the KH, etc. My daughter asked them when was the last time she spanked them with the spoon, they looked at the nine year old, who gave them the "SHUT UP" look, and wouldn't talk anymore. They knew he, as the good boy, was going to go home and tell Dad everything they said. I really dislike what they do to people. Breaks my heart. Cindy

  • Stealth453

    The only thing the watchliar sociopath society is any good at is wrecking families.

  • Cindyrenee


    What you said about marriage and engagements, I know this is true, but my daughter went to visit a friend, she was 18, still in high school. It was spring vacation, she was to graduate in June. Anyway, she met this JW MS. He called her every night for 2 weeks, then came to visit us. He seemed quite nice, very personable. He asked our daughter to MARRY him the next week. Three weeks from the time they met. He was 23. Of course, we freaked. My hubby was an elder, I was pioneer at that time. We refused to go along with this, she was in LOVE, had stars in her baby eyes. We finally agreed to a 6 month engagement. NO WAY. He came up, drove 6 hours, with an elder from his cong, explained to my husband that he couldn't wait, didn't think they could go six month without having sex, and risk disfellowshipping!!!! The elder that came with him, stood there and told our daughter she was 18, an adult, could do what she wants, and we would just have to get over it. She left, married him, two months after meeting, and look at the mess she has to live with now. Our local elders were in complete support of us. We contacted the society; big surprise, they don't get involved. We probably are being over protective, they saie, after all, he is a MS. That is when I stopped pioneering, my hubby stepped aside, and we began our fading journey. At least it was good for us!!! Different congregations seem to have different rules, and not to step on toes, but a back wood congregation of witnesses is a scary thing to deal with.

  • Shaolu

    Well, if it helps any, you could always appeal to Jewish tradition. It's been the tradition in Jewish culture (going back to centuries before Christ) that the age of accountability is 13. This was set in a time when a young man was basically considered an adult at 13, in the capacity of serving as a junior member of society and what not. In other words, it was theoretically possible and not uncommon back then for a teenager to get married, have children, etc. We then flash forward to the 21st century where we have infantilized our youth to such an extent that 21-year-old men just get out of college without any real work experience and are expected to be completely immature in all matters of life (alcohol, sexual escapades, general interests, etc.). In fact, this is largely the reason why agencies won't rent you a car until you're 25, and insurance companies have higher rates for young adults. So, the Watchtower believes a person under the age of 13 who is literally considered an "imbecile" by US law, who isn't allowed to drive a car, drink, vote, buy glue, enter contracts, etc. *and* wouldn't even be considered accountable under the Torah by Jewish custom... This person is supposedly fully capable of entering into a lifelong association with an international publishing corporation and agreeing to adhere to its bylaws (or even understand them) on threat of shunning? Absolutely retarded. I happen to personally know a family that had their daughter baptized at 9 years old (one of the elders at my judicial committee meeting actually). I think "YoursChelbie" said it quite concisely, "And this from a group of zealots who claim Catholic infant baptism is wrong...."

  • avidbiblereader

    A better question, what is the difference between a nine year old and infant baptism? Nothing but nine years. Neither are scriptural or appropriate. It is just a tactic to keep the ranks growing on paper and later to hold this against him when he grows up and doesn't want to do this. No scriptural basis for it and way to many for not allowing children to baptized. Bible only mentions men and women being baptized, you could use this in your defense. Oh, wait a minute the mags were written later and they supersede the Bible. When I was a witness I too believed in this children baptism as a good witness, I allowed my daughter of 11 to be baptized, well her mother abondoned her when she was 16, totally destroyed her faith in everything she was raised to believe and she left the witness with me, her mother turned her in as well as two life time friends of her mother. I had to put my daughter in therapy twice to deal with the hurt, disallusionment, anger and I don't think she will ever get over it, UNTIL the WT finally writes an article allowing parents to talk with their DF'd kids, that was over 6 years ago. It must come from Bethel though. It will be a descision that all will regret later.

    Oh, by the way, the questions that are asked by the elders (good way for them to count time) where is that found in the Bible, the one case of baptism after Pentecost, I believe it was the Ethopian who asked the question not the other way around. Amazing how far they have gotten away from the scriptures and yet as a nose ring in their nose they keep following the tugging.

  • BluesBrother

    A (relatively) wise old P O of my time was asked by a small girl of perhaps 11 , if she could take the baptism q's. He sat her down and reasoned with her gran, who was her guardian. He said that of course there was minimum age set down , BUT. It would only take a 'normal' teenage act of naughtiness and the congregation would have to get involved and perhaps disfellowship her as a regular sister. He strongly recommended that they wait a while.. And they did.

    As you can see he did not always follow the party line, but they dont make elders like that any more.

  • Cindyrenee

    Last night they all sang Christmas songs, including the nine year old studying to be baptized, they were all having a great time, with no JW's around to make them feel guilty. This morning they are all going to church. Not sure where, one of the churches so popular with young families today, where they go and have fun, don't get spanked or anything for moving around, etc. All of the children are excited to go. I'm sure that when their JW daddy finds out the *#%* is going to hit the fan. OUCH!!

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