Why aren't the 144,000 put to a greater use?

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  • Gregor

    Once had a 'super' elder who was of the so called 'annointed'. He was a carpet installer by trade (this was in California) but his life revolved around being a Brooklyn groupie. He knew a lot of the FDS back east and was always writing or phoning them, like he was their equal. Several of us elders secretly thought he was one sandwich short of a picnic. He once spent about 3 years spearheading an assembly hall project which he seemed to believe was his divine purpose in life. It was built in Madera, Calif. When his 20 yr old nephew attempted to seduce my 12 yr old daughter he never forgave me for going to the police. Said it was a Matthew chap. 18 situation. I got the asshole nephew into a real big pot of trouble.

  • jayhawk1

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave must be the most unfaithful group of all time, because of the way they keep needing replacements. Could it be that Jehovah keeps picking the wrong people? If that is the case, Jehovah must be the biggest idiot of all time. Either that or his heart reader is broken.

  • Alpheta

    Kid A, that's not fricking funny. I lived through the terror of polio epidemics in the 1950's and had friends who were permanently crippled - and some who were killed - by that disease. Don't use such an archived photo of medical workers desperately working to save children and adults stricken with the polio virus as a humourous take on the assholes in the GB. It's truly vulgar.

  • kid-A


    Get a life. Its 60 year old archival and completely anonymous footage. Try to lose your "Elders" complex, pal. And dont tell me what I can and cannot post here, you have no authority here to impose your ridiculous self-righteous attempts at censorship.

  • avidbiblereader

    I think they are put to too much use already. Believing in a FD slave class and being led along takes away our personal obligation towards reading, studying and searching for wisdom, discernment, understanding, and everything else that King Solomon told us that we should do in Prov ch 2. If the Bible applies only to the anointed as it is their written letter from God (as they have stated) and we are all tag alongs, then we are set free from any obligation to apply it, to keep it, to understand it, to follow it. This is simply not true, it is God's written Word to MANKIND. We are responsible and if WE truly believe the Bible then it is our responsibility to do as Prov ch 2 says, not left to 8-14 men in Brooklyn relieving us of any obligation and use them as a cop out if they got it wrong.

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