What XMas Present Would You Like This Year???

by minimus 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • TheHypnoToad

    For me it would be my parent's accepting me and my wife as NON-JW's and for us to never be shunned by the ones we love (it's starting).

    TheHypnoToad doesn't sign his post!

  • lonelysheep
    I wouldn't mind a $500 gift certificate.

    To....where? Or doesn't it matter?!

    I would like a Nintendo Wi.

  • serendipity

    Books or a man. ;-)

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy
    and my older son will be having his Cisco test paid for.

    Hey Restangled, wish him luck from me. I aced my Cisco II practical exam today. I go for my CCNA at the end of the upcoming Spring semester.

    As a side note, if he doesn't know this, Cisco Academy is currently selling a very cool router/access point/managed switch for only $300. I believe it is an 800 series (if memory serves -I'm too beat to look it up right now). He'll know were to look and find it if he is interested (cisco.netacad). The thing retails for about $800 I think. Nice hardware and should be good for practice if, as it seems from my brief look at it, it is indeed running both a web interface, and more importantly the standard Cisco IOS command interface. Ya just can't ever get enough router time. Don't know if you know what any of that means, but he will.

    Have a great Christmas!

  • blondie

    I would like a big convention for all the people on JWD and their friends and family at a nice hotel, rooms, travel, food and drink paid for.

    If you dream, dream big.


  • YoursChelbie


    If we all do have a big convention, who would lead us in the Watchtower Study for the week?

    And irreverent can perhaps go over the daily text.


  • blondie

    No WT study or day's text.

    Music, dancing, and talking.

  • jayhawk1

    I want a coaster with The Coasters on it and a platter with The Platters on it.

    I keep asking, but nobody has come through with them.

  • zagor

    Would love to if Santa could fly someone over here for me on his flying sled instead of plane ....

    ... and I wouldn't let her fly back at least till Santa shows up again :p

  • sass_my_frass

    I'm getting this, a new red motorbike...


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