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  • Mystla

    We do. I'm like a little kid when I decorate the tree We don't do the whole go shopping thing, though. We buy each other a couple of nice things.. usually order em online, and have a nice dinner on x-mas day. It's not a religious thing for us, it's just something fun. and the lights are pretty


  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    This is our first Christmas opportunity since leaving the borg. To be honest it has gotten a little out of hand so far. We have spent more than we intended to, and bought and put up more decorations than we planned. And for all the nay-sayers, Grinches, and Scrooges on the this thread, I don't care. I think it is just our excitement at being able to take part in everything again. Next year we will cut it back to a more reasonable level. BTW, AK-Jeff's post reflects our feelings well.

    Neither my wife (exwitless) nor I were raised as dubs. We haven't had Christmas for about 14 years, and never since being married until now. She has always missed celebrating because of all of the happy family memories from before being a dub. For me, Christmas was the ONLY time as a kid when I remember peace in the household. Any other time of the year, all I ever heard was my Mom screaming at my Dad hysterically because of her mental disorders. But Christmas time...that was different. As a young kid I could sneak down the stairs and see the tall tree, lit up at night, casting the beautiful glow. I always felt a sense of peace and wonder when I saw it. Some strange beacon of hope in my stormy sea. That may sound stupid - I don't care. It wasn't about the toys - although like any kid I liked to get them. It was about family and fun, and because my Mom was too busy with preparations to yell at my Dad, for one brief moment every year feeling safe.

    Our son is 8. This is his first Chirsmas ever. If I had any doubts about whether celebrating it or not would be a good idea, those doubts were erased instantly when I was able to see how eager and involved he has become. From helping to pick out the tree and decorations, to putting everything together, he is right there every step of the way, loving every minute of it. He is so excited to see what is hidden inside all of those wrapped boxes. Not in a greedy way, he is excited for all of us. He really touched my heart when of his own initiative, he used is own hard saved money to buy a present for me. He is learning the joy of giving, the secret to keeping secrets (even when you really, really want to tell), and that there can be special memories and traditions made that can be cherished.

    Is Christmas commercialized? I don't care. That isn't the point.

    To see our first tree, click here

    Hoping our tree gives you a smile and some peaceful thoughts like it does for my family,


  • winnie

    Your christmas tree is really pretty. And your right, it is nice to see the kids eager and involved in a good way. We were raised as JWs and have never had xmas before. My husband isn't into the whole 'decoration' thing, but I love it. (I tend to go a bit overboard.) And it's nice to see the kids faces of a nighttime when the tree is all lit up. Next year my son wants to enter the house lights competition, so that should be fun 'cause I haven't decorated outside this year. I

  • freedom96

    Still doesn't do much for me. Love watching my son get excited about it though. I do enjoy the lights and general festivities at this time of year.

  • Mulan

    I feel so sad for those of you that are so negative about Christmas. If you have children, you are depriving them of something very special.

    My children were all grown when we left the WTS, so they never had Christmas. Now that all of us are out, we celebrate in style. We have started new family traditions, that we missed out on when they were young children. Their kids will have all the wonderful memories we didn't give our kids.

    I look forward to Christmas all year. We put no religious significance to it at all. Anyone that knows us, would know that for us it's just a wonderful family holiday.

    This Saturday all the grandkids and their parents are coming over to decorate Gingerbread Houses. Then we are all going to Downtown Seattle to ride the Christmas Carousel right in the middle of downtown this time of year. We've been doing that for years. We are getting to be a very large family, but we all love the traditions we've started.

  • jayhawk1

    I go along with it, but the true joy of it was lost with my childhood.

  • merfi

    I wasn't raised "in the truth" but came in when I was about 20. So I was raised with Christmas. What it always meant to me was family, making cookies with my mom and pretty decorations. So this year, being the first that I've celebrated in about 15 years, I'm making it about family, making cookies with my kidds and having lots of pretties to plug in and enjoy.

    I've bought some presents (ok, I went a bit overboard) and sent out cards also. I enjoy just knowing that it's going to put a smile on the recipient's face. It makes it "Christmas" for me.

    I'm not sure about god or whatever right now, but enjoy the 'spirit' of Christmas and the whole holiday season, I guess, without having to put a 'reason' for it. I just like the pretties, the family and friends, and the love. Yeah, it's 'all year giving' too, but this is extra special


  • looking_glass

    I'm w/ Was-a. Not my celebration, so there is no connection to me at all. As for presents, I love not having to worry about buying things for people and I tell people their present to me is them not buying for me, so they have one less stressor in their life. It is a win-win situation.

  • jayhawk1

    Looking_glass, your comment makes me want to send you something.

  • looking_glass

    Jay-man you did send me something, you sent (kindof) a post for me. Thanks for thinking of me ....

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