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  • whyamihere

    I do - However, not in the sense of getting presents and over indulging in food....etc.........

    It gives me the chance to see my Father & my brothers. We all get that day off - so it gives us the chance to all get together.

    Not here. Even if I were part of a family that did, I wouldn't care to participate. Everyone says that it's all about family getting together and other such wonderful bliss, but I see it for the commercialized reality that it actually is. Case in point -- We've all heard of Black Friday, right? The day after Thanksgiving. Did you ever wonder how that Friday came to be called Black? It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season that tends to put most retailers into the "black" - black, meaning turning a profit.

    Spoken like a true JW! Sorry(its my opinion). You forgot to add: Once a year Charity work & Remembering Jesus only on that day..........

    I know it is commercialized and the "man" gets a nice profit - so what? Profit will be made regardless if it is Christmas or not! I could care less, but I am not going out buying my Husband a Lexus with a bow on top.

    My Christmas is to actually spend moments with my family and create wonderful memories. *sigh*


  • bigmouth

    Christmas meant nothing to me before becoming a JW and now I've left it means even less. I guess it's because I find anything connected to religion as repugnant.

    However we have always celebrated our wedding anniversary on Dec. 3rd with the kids. It is the most important date for us.

  • new boy
    new boy

    We do and why not?..........................I seen pictures of the bethelites celebrates it back in the 1920's back when "the light was brighter"

  • LisaRose

    Let's see..... Tree is up and decorated. Pretty xmas music is playing. Gifts are waiting to be wrapped, cookies are baking. Yes, I guess I do celebrate Christmas. I feel like I have 30 years of deprivation to make up for and I enjoy every minute. My husband and I went shopping on Saturday and had a wonderful day. We both enjoy looking for unual/handmade things and interesting books. Then we get a few gag gifts and some practical (Socks, scarfs and sweaters) gifts for each of our kids/kids-in-law and my one grandson. It was a relaxing and fun day with a long leisurely lunch at an Italian restruarant in between the shopping. We pay cash and spend a fairly modest amount for our income. My husband doesn't really want any gifts this year and requested that everyone contribute to the Carter center for Peace instead. So I don't feel we are being materialistic or greedy in the way we celebrate. I give to the Salvation Army and buy gifts for kids in foster care as well. I can understand people who don't want to do it, but for me it's something I enjoy. I don't feel one iota of guilt. Merry Christmas!

  • PrimateDave

    If someone invites me to their festivities, I'll probably go. Other than that, no I don't celebrate it. It means nothing to me. Still can't stand the music or commercialism though.


  • aquagirl
    aquagirl is boring...i hate everyone yelling about it on the radio and television like its some big deal.its stupid...and i just wanna slap anyone wearing those red and white elf hats w/the pom poms up aside the head for being so clueless and daft...time to buy presents all you sheeple,get in debt you sheeple,your kids need more junk and crap to clutter up their lives with..get em another electronic game so they will never ever have to learn to deal with any sort of reality..dont worry,there is a lot of therapy and medications available when issues do arise...just put on the uniform,and get in line.....i got out of

    (deleted several duplicate posts........Mulan)

  • aquagirl

    jeez...think i outta not type w/the cat crawling around on the keyboard????SORRY ALL!!!!!!!!

  • heathen

    Not a good idea .LOL I like the part about electronic games replacing reality tho .LMAO I bet you got that from the WTBTS. What are kids supposed to do ? Reading a good book is always a good thing but other than that they get in trouble anyway. What gets me is these people that complain about kids and video games that let their kid play in the middle of the street without supervision . Talk about avoiding reality and shirking responsibility .....

  • RR

    I still don't celebrate it. But if my wife had her way, she would put up a tree, and lights and all the trimmings. I never cared for the xmas, even before I was a JW. Still don't care for it now. And my two kids aren't suffering, since I spoil them all year round.

  • winnie

    What is wrong with you ex-JWs that still don't celebrate x-mas? Why are you missing out on all the fun? X-mas for most people these days has virtually nothing to do with religion. And why let a religion that dictated to you what not to celebrate still let it affect your life? So what if your JW relatives disapprove of x-mas. Do you really think that they are going to stop doing something just because YOU disapprove of it? I think not! Yes it is associated with commercialism, but what isn't? This year I have a tree, pressies, lights, the works, and if my extended family happen to visit or drive past and see, and have a problem with it, I don't care. It's them that are missing out. Just to see the faces of my kids when they see the tree each day is priceless. Why should they miss out? It's certainly not 'religious' to them. The WTBS is systematically eliminating anything that might have the 'fun' tag attatched. It's the kids I feel sorry for.

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