New baby pics

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  • juni

    Thanks ES for sharing the latest pictures. Kaia is beautiful! The 2 kids look like they have your ears. You have a beautiful family and you're looking good too.

    Good luck Liz! We've had a lot of new babies lately.

    Hugs to you moms,


  • codeblue

    How Sweet!!!

    Congrats Es

  • hubert

    Thanks for sharing, ES. Her big brother seems to be happy she is around.

    Gorgeous family pictures.


  • sass_my_frass

    Wow, is that really her? She's so big! I'm glad she's doing well, and you. Thanks for the xmas card, we've only got a week before the move! We're busy packing and cleaning and packing. I'm so sorry I couldn't visit during my time off, it's just getting frantic here.

    Anyway it's great to see you all there...

  • FreedomFrog

    What nice pictures ES, she's so cute. What a nice family you have.

    She's here with me looking at your pictures going "bebe...bebe...bebe"

    Hehehe, mine is too. Sierra just turned 2 and she's pointing saying "bebe...beeeebe....hold...hold (grabbing at the screen)..."

    They grow up way too fast.

  • Sunspot

    What a sweet little family!!! Thanks for letting us see these.



  • Es

    Mzliz- Many congrats and all the best with your labour, mine was a little tense as I was induced but it was all over in 3.5 hours!!! Keep us posted with news of your new arrival.

    juni-hehe yeah they both have my ears, I call them Yoda ears coz they are pointy hehe

    codeblue,freedom frog and sunspot- many thanks :)

    Sass- oh wow i didnt know you were moving pls keep me posted with the details of your new place, hey whenever you get the chance could i get some copies of the photos you took in hosp, once you get settled in your new place how exciting!!!!

    hubert- yeah blake is a great big brother, he is getting better with the attention sharing, he was quite threatened at the start but is getting much better now.

    luv ya all


  • TresHappy

    what a beautiful baby..I remember when you were first pregnant and your boss was calling you at home on your days off...I am so happy your baby is healthy!

  • lisavegas420

    You all are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  • Es

    Treshappy-thanks hun :) OMG i had forgotten all about that, seems a lifetime ago.

    Lisa- thanks babe


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