WHOA! Elders don't care about me after all!!!

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  • Schism

    Oh man, that one at Wal-Mart is NOT allowed in my home. Once, he was in charge of the Bible reading, and he got up on stage and ranted and raved about how JWs shouldn't talk to their DFed family. I was DFed at the time, and he may as well been pointing at me. The reading had NOTHING to do with DFed people or their families, and he was just venting. It got so disgusting that many "faithful" ones almost got up and left during those 5-10 minutes. He wasn't watching the time, or being relevant to his material, and I believe that the other elders almost pulled him off the stage. Yeah, it was borderline VULGAR. He was deleted once already, then put back, and I'm surprised he's lasted this long his second try!

    If that SOB ever makes the mistake of coming to my house, I will make it a point to open my door, look at him, close it, and leave it. I wouldn't even give him the pleasure of being told off!

  • 5go
    Its funny....a little over a year ago I fell into a bad depression. Basically had a hard time functioning around people. In the 3 months of meetings I missed at that time, not one Elder or non-relative called, send a card, visited, etc. So I know what you feel like. I kept thinking if they are the shepards, why don't they try. The first meeting back I tried, not a single person came up to me before the meeting(and I was there 15 minutes ahead of time like a good little boy). Only 1 person came up after the meeting, I eventually started walking out crying

    I am going through something simular. Only after a year of not being regular did some try to talk to me, and it was only because he thought I was a mechanic. I haven't been a mechanic in six years.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Excerpted from looking_glass:

    there was a thread here not too long ago asking people if they were upset about not getting a SC or if they were happy about not getting one.
    There were people who felt like they were being ignored and they did not like it, others were happy.
    I would have loved to have been ignored.

    That's the strangest thing about this cult. I WANT TO BE IGNORED- but that's not even good enough for me.
    I gotta ask, "Why are they ignoring me?" Isn't that the nuttiest thing?

    Deep down, I am thrilled when they do nothing, but as a former "one of them," I know they are not helping in
    the way that their organization tells them to. It's like I am pissed off that they don't shephard me, and I will
    be pissed off that they ever start shepharding me.

    If it helps, I can testify that the vast majority of elders are caring people that are working hard at their
    window washing jobs, and they are not trained to handle depression and apostacy very well.
    WHile they are caring, they truly only want to help in the easy cases- just like any untrained man on the job.

    When they do go out of their way, sometimes it is only because your inactivity looks bad on CO's reports.

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