Lett briefly addresses the child abuse issues in new JW.org video

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    The Lett video is so creepy. They always say how concerned they are for the young ones and how they don't approve of pedophiles. Well of course they don't approve it's not about approval it's about what are you doing to protect them. They use "bible principles" like the two person witness deal but what about the bull that is known for goring. Our society knows that if you arrest a rapist of children and after he does his time you don't just let him go free to live next door to a family and just kind of keep an eye on him. Listening to lett go on about oneness and supporting the org and not being like rebellious satan by believing the so called lies about pedophiles was really disturbing.

    Another thing is the way they don't warn the congregation imagine if there was a guy with a dangerous dog that viciously attacked someone and somehow he got to keep the dog provided he was vigilant about locking it up but you knew he wasn't doing that and the dog had gotten out many times. one day some of your neighbors with children told you they were going to picnic near that guys house would your conscience let you not warn them. Telling parents of the victim that to tell anyone would be slander and they could be disfellowshipped. What kind of policy is that and to condemn them for it makes you an apostate. lett and his god are monsters.

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