Lett briefly addresses the child abuse issues in new JW.org video

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  • Magwitch
    I am watching this on TV right now. It is just like being back at the KH. I see his mouth moving and I am totally enthralled with his creepy pinky ring. But, for the life of me I cannot focus... It is just all too stupid.
  • hoser
    He gets angry when he talks about apostates. You can see it in his face.
  • Watchtower-Free
  • Finkelstein

    If what Lett says is true concerning lying apostates why has the courts fined the WTS with huge multi million dollar law suits for their irresponsible behavior in protecting children from pedophiles ?

    The courts of the land are not apostates !!!

    Lett has shown through his comment that he is a liar, plain and simple.

    The fact of the matter is the WTS has been undisclosing this unlawful behavior from law authorities intensionally for many years. and treating it as just as another sin concerning sexual misconduct.

    The only problem is that in most countries its an egregious crime and not just a simple sin penalized by many years in prison.

  • WingCommander


    @ 3:30 Lett states in greedy sort of Freudian slip, "God wants us to make deposits, NOT withdrawls........"

    What unbelievable gall !!! As usual, give us all your money to benefit the "oneness" of our bank accounts, hedge funds, and perpetual construction projects.

    Also, this entire talk about "oneness" is complete Cult-speak. Further along in the video, he completely tries to downplay ones on civil and personal rights as being selfish and self-centered. JW's are to slave and serve the borg, period! He even mentions personal grooming and dress! Don't dare speak up if the Elders (or TOMO III) tell you go shave your goat-tee or not wear tight pants! How dare you show individuality, and not the spirit of "one-ness".

    This entire talk angered me in the extreme. It is bat-sh*t crazy, complete lunacy and filled with cult-speak and an attempt to brainwash people out of their individuality, God-given right to free speech, thought, and freedom.

    The new and improved JW dot Org doesn't want Christians, they want OBEDIANT WORKERS who are just smart enough to be able to parrot the company motto and push a literature cart, but dumb enough to hand over free thought and every last moment of free time and money to the collective "oneness."

    And as far as the child abuse and pedophilia? SHUT UP APOSTATES! You are making us look bad!

    And as usual, "The beatings will continue, until morale improves."

  • BU2B

    This talk was not intended for thinkers, or those who have a decent knowledge of child abuse cases. They are already written off as losses.

    In JW land, court transcripts, sworn testimony, trials and judgements are all apostate lies. Even confessions from the actual perps about how they were able to get away with their crimes for years is all a satanic lie.

    Those who can see through this have their brains swiched "on" and therefore are not wanted by the GB anyways.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    So let me get this right, the rank and file are to think that when they hear a report about the police arresting a JW pedophile, a jury finding them guilty and a judge passing sentence it is all lies!!

    It's Satan's media and Satan's judicial system to a black and white thinker like Lett don't you know.

  • Watchtower-Free

    CLIP of vid about APOSTATE LIES


  • thedepressedsoul

    Now that he verbally admitted there are cases I guess we won't hear about how the Catholics had an issue and this must be the "truth" because JW had no cases.

    Good luck on them saying that now, their own GB admitted it.

  • thedepressedsoul

    Also for Catholics the news and media was right and it proved they were false religion but for JW it's false media and apostates?

    Cherry picking at it's finest.

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