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  • Stephanus

    Given their ages and increasing frailty, the blood doctrine could bite them in the arse at any time. That is, if they don't just go ahead with a transfusion without acknowledging it.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Should they ever render the WORD OF GOD null and void through the elevation of man-made doctrine....

    Should they ever begin beating the sheep of The Fine Shepherd....

    Should they ever strip the lowly ones of their dignity....

    Should they ever cause division among loved-ones in such a manner as Jesus never intended....

    Should they ever become part of the world....

    Should they ever hide what they do....

    Should they ever sacrifice the sheep to false gods....

    Yet how could any of the above ever transpire? The Governing Body protests loudly and strongly its love for God's people. Heaven forbid they should ever make a mis-step.

    Not deluded,


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  • sspo

    New light on 1914 and god's kingdom

    that would be sweet

  • OnTheWayOut

    I assume- You are referring to mistakes that could be fatal to WTS,
    not fatal to rank-and-file (there have been plenty).

    Fatal mistakes that should have been worse than they are:
    Declaring the end for 1975
    Joining the United Nations
    Changing a core doctrine in 1995

    Potential fatal mistakes they are currently making:Focusing more and more attention on "THE END IS NEAR"
    Telling folks not to look at those pesky websites (curiosity causes the opposite)
    Burning all the records from older judicial matters OR NOT burning them
    Dismissing their Bethel workers and telling everyone it was to benefit the preaching work
    Stressing the importance of avoiding college
    Setting the stage for further doctrinal adjustments
    Defending pedophiles and judicial procedures
    Trying to look mainstream to the nations around the world

    I might add more when I think of them. Something could stick.

  • 24k

    There is not a single thing the Governing Body could do, or say, that would harm them in the least. Aside from a straightforward admission that they have not now, nor have they ever, been used by God, nothing that they do or say would give any real pause to the rank and file. All can be explained away by using the excuses of misunderstanding, over zealous expectation, brightening light, etc. It makes me clear sick! But, just look back at what they have weathered with nary a hiccup. Even after the 1975 debacle, you had a few years of very moderate decline, followed by the most explosive growth in the organizations history. Sorry for being so depressing.

  • NewYork44M

    I am confused. It is my understanding that the GB are lead by holy spirit. Thus, what ever that do is correct because it is spirit directed.

  • freetosee

    NY, you're right, and you know the holy spirit is Jah's active force, so when the gb continuosly does and says things which turn out to be total falsehood, jehovah must have a reason for this not to be understood by man, not even the gb themselves. maybe satan is not to know what jah is up to, so he confuses him and us!? thats what an elder told me.


  • OnTheWayOut
    jehovah must have a reason for this not to be understood by man, not even the gb themselves. maybe satan is not to know what jah is up to, so he confuses him and us!? thats what an elder told me.

    Wow, I need to find that in official doctrines. That would really help.

    2 elders: Brother OnTheWayOut, we want to know why you became inactive and skip many meetings.
    OTWO: It's to confuse Satan. He's stopped focusing on me, now I can reach people w/o his interference.
    Oops, I revealed my plan outloud, now I need to skip a bunch more meetings, so he thinks this
    is just a bluff.

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