Local Kingdom Hall has windows

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  • Junction-Guy

    The local Kingdom Hall remodeled back in the summer, but for some reason I never noticed this until the other day as I was driving up the interstate. This Kingdom Hall now has windows. The windows appear to be about 10 inches wide by 6 feet. There are several of them and I could see people sitting in their seats as I drove by on the interstate. I realize this isnt big news, but I thought it was an interesting discovery----Dave

  • crazyblondeb

    The one close to me in Hallsville, MO also has windows. But, I hear they are going to build a new one!! Imagine all that hard work, when this system is so close to ending!!!

  • Aaac

    Those Kingdumb Halls are going to be sold for sure - that's why they were remodeled with free labor.


    The KH's are much more attractive with windows.


  • vomit

    Windows 10inch by 6foot
    Sounds like the last hall I went to 6000 miles away from you. Jehovahs Grand Design at work(sarcasm)


    What a cult.

    Let me guess on the other wall they have windows 2.5 foot wide by 8 inches high.

  • Abandoned

    Well, I guess with the kind of "light" they're used to, every little bit helps...

  • Poztate

    It has better resale value that way when they sell it to the Baptists....


    Windows let the deemunz in...OUTLAW

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I think they are trying to debunk the rumours that the dubs don't have windows because they are hiding their demon worship, etc. They are now building all halls with windows and putting in windows on some when they remodel.

    Probably doesn't hurt the resale value either.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    I have heard about KH not having windows but I thought it was just uneducated people with nothing better to say about the JW. In South Africa all the KH have windows!! Windows or not I'm NEVER going back, but do the KH in your countries really not have windows? How strange. Will someone please let me know if this is true.

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