Jesus? this is way too fun can you see him?

by skyking 16 Replies latest social humour

  • skyking

    can you see Jesus in this photo? alt

  • jimbo

    I see him!!!!!! I see him!!!!

  • freetosee

    I’ve tried, but all I see is something like an old man with white hair covered in feathers!

  • skyking

    I hope I have not made anyone mad over this photo. It just tickled the dickens out of me. Last night on the local news they report a burrito that had the picture of Jesus grilled on it. The person that grilled the burrito had just recently been praying for God. God answered him with the burrito. This Dog must be worth a lot of money they should sell him on ebay under the tittle "Jesus makes an ass out of his likeness"

  • Moomin

    Hi Skyking, I was offended when the picture appeared. I thought I was going to look at a 'wheres's Wally' type picture and I felt like I was being slightly disrespectful being as it was Jesus instead of Wally. But when I saw the picture I did feel offended and wished I hadn't looked. :(

  • daystar

    Hmmm... I was no more offended than when some git claims to have seen a holy religious icon in something as mundane as a burrito.

    It has been said that "God works in mysterious ways". These sort of people seem to say "God also works in ridiculously stupid ways".

  • Satanus

    I didn't see it. Guess i'm lucky.


  • Jerohobobonadad

    I saw him!

    It's the ar$ehole right?

  • AlmostAtheist

    Imagine the conundrum if you were a JW and owned the Jesus dog! What do you do? You can't have your dog showing off an image of Jesus every time he wags. I suppose you could shave it, but then you'd open yourself up to lots of "shave his butt and teach to walk backwards" jokes.

    Very cool, Sky. Thanks!


  • JamesThomas

    He has a nice tan.


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