How Come So Many Bethelites Leave The Organization

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  • ilovemusik

    Hello I'm new here but I've been reading the things on this DB for quite some time. I am still an active witness, but I've been having doubts for quite sometime and have been looking into the background of the organization, very shocked at what I'm finding. Since I lived next to headquarters and had a lot of bethelites in my congregation, I was shock to learn (not only on this DB) that so many bethelites who leave bethel also end up leaving the organization. Okay, I need some former bethelites to let me in on what exactly is going on at bethel?? And if anyone can send me some links to some other topics similiar to this, please do!

  • greendawn

    Perhaps having been there and seen how the HQs and especially the GB operate they realised that it all a big lie, I recall an ex Bethelite writing here "the GB were just cold businessmen going about their business and who obviously didn't think the end was just round the corner"

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Ilovemusik, and welcome to the forum.

    I'm not a former bethelite, but I wonder sometimes if some of them leave because they see what's really going on in the org better than those outside bethel do. Quite a few left bethel and the org in 1980, for example, when Ray Franz was asked to leave, and some of their stories are on the net. Have a look, if you haven't already, at Randy Watters story on freeminds. He left bethel and the org more or less at the same time, it's an interesting read.

  • fjtoth

    I was at Bethel for 36 years. My reasons for leaving JWs as well as Bethel are given on my website at


  • Satanus

    Here is a bethel experience that is fairly interesting: (part1)

    If you like that, go to the following page, scroll down and read the rest of his installments.


  • ilovemusik

    Thank you all. I just got through reading a story about a former bethelite who was suing the society because she got injured and that she may be award worker's compensation based on the judges ruling. I always thought it was cruel the way they use the friends but when something happened to them the just threw them out like all their years working there didn't really mean anything.

  • ilovemusik

    Thanks Frank. I agree with alot of what you said. I also heard about wild parties in bethel and incidents of marital infidelity.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I always thought it was cruel the way they use the friends but when something happened to them the just threw them out like all their years working there didn't really mean anything.

    It's also a violation of their own doctrine. If anyone cannot take care of his own [Bethel] family members, then he cannot take care of the congregations. If I have something that could be of value to my mother or father (or older Bethelite family member) but I tell them they cannot have it, because it is something dedicated to God, then I invalidate the love for God.

    SOMETHING LIKE THAT, it's late and I think you get the message.

  • Arthur

    I served at Bethel as well. However, me leaving the organization has nothing to do with Bethel. I knew many people at Bethel who were wonderful people. There were many things at Bethel that I thought were B.S., but those things were rather minor issues. I was still devoted to the organization for many years after leaving Bethel. My leaving the organization is for doctrinal reasons; and has nothing to do with Brooklyn politics.

  • jwfacts

    Before I went to Bethel I had this vision of Jehovah's Holy Spirit directing proceedings in some spiritual paradise. When I got there a number of experiences proved that Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the Watchtower Society. It was just a factory and poorly run by corporate standards.

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